Fancy Breakfast Friday: Chocolate Banana Waffles


Last week I made Chocolate Banana waffles. True confessions: I used a mix. I used to eschew prepared food because I am a snob.  But recently I made pasta salad for dinner and I used jarred pesto from Costco, frozen pre-cooked chicken from King coopers, noodles, and all the veggies left in my fridge.  It was amazing.  I had to call my mom and apologize for years of mocking Rachel Ray recipes. But here’s where I make excuses for using a mix: I bought it for camping. At least I didn’t buy organic pancake mix in an aerosol spray can, like some people I know. (I do admire that person for that very feat, but I would never buy pre-made organic pancake mix in a spray can. A person has to have a code.)  Anyway, I had some mix left over after camping, so I added 3 smashed bananas, and some milk and an egg, and then some white flour because I didn’t have as much mix left as I thought.  It was so good!  Hooray for mixes!!

Then, since I had the camera out, I decided to start trying to take more pictures and I decided to do a project that I am calling 52 Fridays.  I am going to take at least one picture of everyone in  my family every Friday for a year. I spent a dumb amount of time trying to find the right app for this, and I ended up just starting an album in shutter fly.  I added last Friday’s pictures and a little description about our day.

Next week… Ann Marie’s Waffles!

And here is a picture from the waffle mix purchase camping trip.


Oh, and the obligatory dog-leash fiasco.



Fancy Breakfast Friday: Pop…under


Should you be able to stack your bacon higher than your popover? No. These were too short and under cooked.  Fail.  I tried to remake this recipe that Luke made, and his were so tall!  Also undercooked, but TALL!  Fancy Breakfast Friday was kind of a disaster, because at some point I realized the popovers weren’t even going to be done before kids are usually finished with breakfast and on to brushing their teeth. So I had to also make eggs and bacon, and they had to cram a popover on their mouth while they rushed around getting ready.  This is all part of my new FBF phase where I hope a menu will come to me while I am sleeping.  I’m having mixed results.

This morning I woke up five minutes before my alarm with this thought in mind, “chocolate banana waffles.”  Fingers crossed!





Fancy Breakfast Friday: Bananas!

DSC01065At our house we do this weird thing where if you say, “What’s two plus two?” the answer is “Bananas!” I’m not 100% sure of the origin story, but it has to do with trying to jinx someone, or avoid being jinxed.  I am sure, either way, it hasn’t help Jack learn his math.

As I have have mentioned many times, I buy more bananas than people have time or energy to eat, especially since no child will eat a banana with one spot of brown on it, which makes it hard to pack them in lunches.  And I should say, I also only like slightly underripe bananas, and I don’t like to pack bananas with bread (i.e.: for lunch or a camping trip) because bread that takes on the flavor of banana makes me want to gag.  But do I love to bake with bananas? Yes I do.  And while I searching my blog for banana references, here is an old story about Jack.

I have two banana FBFs that I haven’t shared – I made banana muffins last Friday that I forgot to photograph.  I used this recipe for bread, and I put a couple chocolate chips on top of each one.  They were enjoyed by all.

Longer ago, I made this recipe from Smitten Kitchen, which I have made before.  I had a memory that no one liked it because of the millet, which Dave correctly identified as a main ingredient in bird seed.  But once I thought about the bread, I decided I had to make it, and if no one liked it, well… more for me.  Unfortunately everyone loved it this time and it was quickly devoured.

OK – we are now officially all caught up on FBFs and approaching the 2 year anniversary of this fun project.  Last year around this time I started to put together an index of recipes, and maybe I’ll get back to that soon! Maybe not!

One Jack quote from an old blog post, when he was three:

And when I asked Jack if he wanted any butter on his banana bread he said, “No, just give it to me straight.”

Fancy Breakfast Friday: Granola Bars


Ok, I am way behind.  I’ll admit that I flirted with the idea of giving up on Fancy Breakfast Friday.  Fancy has started to feel like a strong word.  Here we are, two years in, and I skipped two Fridays this summer. What is the world coming to?  (To what is the world coming? Don’t want to end a sentence with a preposition.)

But I have muffins in the oven now, and it’s Friday, so I think I am back in business. A few weeks ago, I made the chocolate peanut butter granola bars because I was so excited to find a recipe that doesn’t have something disgusting in it like dates or coconut. It seemed to have a million ingredients, and I had a tiny bit of each ingredient stored in a bulk bag in my pantry.  It was going to be an amazing way to get rid of a bunch of leftover ingredients and also make granola bars for breakfast.  Jack asked what I was making the night before when I put him to bed and I said, “granola bars.”  He said, “Oh, what if you melted some chocolate and drizzled it over the top, and then, would it be too much to ask for some sprinkles on top?”  I said, “We’ll see.”  But, you know what they say, “whatever Jack wants, Jack gets.”  It’s not so much “they” that say that as “Luke” but you get the idea.

Long story short, Jack and Dave and I liked these, and Luke thought they were just OK.  The sunflower seeds either made them taste a little weird, or else the sunflower seeds were stale.  If I made them again, I might leave those out. (Because I no longer have any in my pantry and the nice thing about this recipe was that I had all the ingredients.)

I sort of followed this recipe and they turned out great!  I obviously put the chocolate on the bars instead of in, and added the sprinkles.  I also ground the nuts in the blender to hide them a little.

As you can see, I forgot to take a fancy picture, but I was eating a bar while watching the eclipse, so you can see the affect of the eclipse on the light coming through the trees in our yard.  So, in the end, pretty fancy after all!




Fancy Breakfast Friday: Peach Hand Pies


I made these a couple weeks ago, so I can now look back on them lovingly and fondly.  They were beautiful and delicious.  Here is the recipe from Smitten Kitchen – I used vanilla instead of bourbon because I was feeding it to children… for breakfast.  Breakfast pie is decadent enough.

It was just too hot to be working with a buttery dough.  It was very hard to roll out, and I plan to never make them again.  I wanted to make these because I had ordered 8 pounds of peaches and I didn’t want any to go to waste.  However, Dave had plans to eat 8 pounds of peaches, so he had to go buy me some sub-par grocery store peaches that I was allowed to cook.

Unfortunately, I was too conservative with the filling, so I had a ton leftover. (Not to mention my dough to peach ration was off.) Fortunately, I had a puff pastry in the freezer and I baked it with a layer of crème fraîche and the rest of the filling.  Not as pretty, but still delish.  And the boys seem to like crème fraîche which is odd for them.


Meanwhile, in peach news, I ordered 20 pounds which should be coming in two weeks, and I don’t know if I will be allowed to cook them or not!  If I do, I am going to stick with my famous peach cobbler.

Here is one more picture of the never to be made again, delicious peach pies.


Fancy Breakfast Friday: Pancakes


We were on vacation in Washington D.C. last week to sight-see and see the baaaaaaaby. We had an 8:30 tour at the White House on Friday morning so I offered to make a Fancy Breakfast Saturday.  (And I forgot to do my FBF post last week!  That means I have a peach hand pie breakfast that hasn’t been shared yet!)

After our 8:30 am White House tour, we walked to the Washington Monument, met Uncle John for lunch and then we went to the spy museum.  It was universally agreed that we’d sleep in and be lazy and only do one thing on Saturday.  That meant I had plenty of time to make a stack of pancakes, and hold the baby and make dough for pizza dinner that night. (I did more than one thing on Saturday.)  I didn’t check the pantry before I went to the grocery store so I didn’t have any baking powder.  My solution was to add a little extra baking soda and an extra egg. My general ratio is 1:1:1:1:1:1:1/2  – (1 cup of flour, 1 cup of milk, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder.)

I doubled the recipe, and I went with 2 teaspoons of baking soda and 4 eggs.  Since I had the extra liquid from the eggs I added about a cup of oats.

They were good! I put blueberries in some, chocolate chips in others, and I put some toppings out for people who wanted more of one or the other.  I think Jack ate all the chocolate chips before the other half of the family was up.


I served the pancakes with fruit, syrup, and sausage.  There really wasn’t enough, everyone had to FHB. (Family hold back.) But it was a long and lazy morning with plenty of opportunity to have other food to go with it. I wish we could spend more Saturdays like that!  I miss that sweet baby and her parents.


Fancy Breakfast Friday: Corn Cakes


I re-made these skillet corn cakes last Friday because I was still boycotting the oven.    They are so yummy, but the leftovers were very dry.  I am looking at the recipe now, and wondering if I made a little math error when I doubled the recipe.  Luke was at a mountain bike camp in Winter Park so he didn’t dine with us, and this is a photo of the leftovers. Note to self – no need to double the recipe when Luke is out of town.

Saturday morning we went to pick Luke up and watch his 20 mile mountain bike race.  Jack and Dave rode 17 miles, and I am finally in bad enough shape to go on a short hike with the dog and take pictures of flowers.  (That’s me looking on the bright side about my back/hip issue.)  Yay!  I love hiking.