Fancy Breakfast Friday: Apple Cobbler


We had apple cobbler, bacon, yogurt, juice and coffee last week for Fancy Breakfast Friday. I again tried following ye’ olde daycare recipe for apple cobbler.  The boys used to get this for snack on Friday afternoons at daycare and everyone loved it.  But I don’t 100% trust the recipe for various reasons.  I read a million apple cobbler recipes last week trying to put together a frankenstein version of apple cobbler.  Jack said, “I love this, even the dusty stuff on top.”  Dave said, “Good thing you got your fancy camera back, because good luck getting this to look good.”  Then he later admitted that he ate his by mixing it into his daily oatmeal.   We had one breakfast, one dessert and then the rest did get mixed into oatmeal because that was a good idea.img_1186

This really seems more like a crumble, even though the recipe I “adapted” for the top called it a “biscuit”.

One day I will perfect my apple cobbler and share the recipe.

Fancy Breakfast Friday: Apple Cream Torte


It’s a good year for apples in Colorado, these are from my neighbor’s tree.  As I write this, I have 8 apples baking in the oven for an apple cobbler and those are from a friend’s tree. I love to bake with apples from the neighborhood.  Of course, I took this picture before I added the powdered sugar, but it got even prettier.

Dave asked if this had 7 eggs in it like last week and I said, “No!  It doesn’t even have any fat.  Just 3 eggs and oh, 3/4 cup of cream.  Never mind.”  And a cup of sugar. I might try to scale that back a bit when I make it again.  This reminds me of the apple pie pancake, but without the two steps of cooking the apples on the stove and then the batter in the oven.  The only problem is that I will have to plan ahead because I don’t normally have cream.

I went to the grocery for the cream and then tried to find the recipe online when I was there to make sure I wasn’t missing any other ingredients.  I found that Food and Wine has an index with all the recipes for the month, which is very helpful. Unfortunately, this recipe was from Sunset  so the Food and Wine index was actually more annoying than helpful. I was so sure it was from the recent issue!  I may get too many magazines, but that will never change.

However I would change one part of this recipe.  It says to add the apples at the end, and make sure they get mixed into the batter well.  Then pour it into the pan and make sure the apple slices are all laying flat.  Next time I would pour in some batter, add some apples, repeat, etc.  Having to make sure the apples laid flat involved getting a lot of batter all over my hands.

I made this the night before and served with bacon, a bowl of yogurt and sliced peaches.



Fancy Breakfast Friday: Raspberry Butter Cake


As I may have mentioned, my camera is broken so I have to get a job to pay for the repairs, thanks A LOT SONY! So I didn’t even bother with fancy photos for this raspberry butter cake.  I went through a huge stack of magazines and tore out recipes and this was one that appealed to me.  Raspberries, whole wheat… it sounded healthy.  (Note, I did not read that butter was in the name of the recipe at first.) Then I saw almond flour and I recycled the magazine.  I have enough going on in my life, I don’t need to buy almond flour.  But then the very next day, my friend told me she had started making her own almond milk and had an almond flour by-product if I wanted any.  Serendipity!  I told her I would be happy to take her almond flour and I grabbed this recipe out of the recycling.

Time passed and it cooled off enough to run our oven.  I grabbed a thingy (unit of measure) of raspberries and I planned to make this.  Then I read the recipe again and I thought… “2 sticks of butter? That’s a lot.”  and then I thought. “7 eggs?  Well I guess if I am going to serve cake for breakfast, it should have 7 eggs in it.”

It was very good.  (2 sticks of butter.) And moist.  I know some people hate the word moist.  That actually makes me use the word more, especially to describe cake, and especially when the cake is really moist.  Like, 2 sticks of butter and 7 eggs moist.  It was a little greasy.

I gave a tiny slice to my friend who gave me the almond flour.  I should have given her more, but we were going camping that day, and I thought I needed 75% of a cake to get through the weekend.  This was true, people get hungry camping and a moist cake on a desert camping trip will dry a lot of hangry tears.

I served the cake slices with a bowl of yogurt and a slice of bacon.


Fancy Breakfast Friday: Apple Stuffed Challah


Man I miss my fancy camera.  (It’s in the shop.) FBF isn’t the same with ye olde iPhone camera.  But guess what?  The sad and lonely days (weeks) of lame FBFs have come to a glorious end with a very fancy challah bread that I stuffed with apples, cinnamon, and brown sugar.

I’m not going to give you the recipe because I am way to lazy right now to type it up and “make it my own” so just buy the Smitten Kitchen cookbook or get it from the library and then make the changes I suggest.  Oh, but guess what, I found the recipe online.  So instead of fig+olive oil + sea salt, I did apples, cinnamon and brown sugar.

This idea came to me when I noticed my neighbor’s apple tree was going crazy and I stole as many good looking, worm-free apples as I could without feeling like maybe I should knock and ask if it was OK.  This was about 5 apples.  Then I sliced them thinly, and sautéed in butter, put about 2 T of brown sugar in and then looked around for a recipe for something to braid around the apples.  The challah looked like I winner so I went with it.


I actually forgot the cinnamon at first so I just sprinkled a little on the apples after I spread them on the dough.


I promise you, my counter was very clean before I started, and that is just butter, sugar and flour that you see.  I thought this part would be stressful, getting the dough rolled out to counter width (about 30 inches at my house) but the dough was so smooth and stretchy it was no problem.


I’m thinking I went wrong somewhere with the braid, but what can you do?


I sprinkled the top with turbinado sugar after brushing it with egg.  I made this all the night before because there was nowhere in the recipe that said, “refrigerate this and just bake in the morning.”  I also had to add at least 15 minutes to the bake time, but thankfully the recipe said to get the internal temp to something like 190 which prevented me from taking this out way too early.  Kids would have been late to school if I tried to make this one in the morning.

We ate a delightful dinner while this sat on the counter and wafted under our noses.  I said, “Why not have a slice now for dessert and another slice in the morning for breakfast?”  Dave was in favor of waiting, which comes as no surprise because he doesn’t like the opening of any gifts before or after the day of your birth or the birth of Jesus.  Whereas I would say, “Why don’t we exchange gifts now, before we travel so our suitcases will be lighter?”  But that’s just me being practical.  And also not being into delayed gratification.   The thing about Fancy Breakfast Friday is, it doesn’t need to be confined to Friday.  Already it’s bleeding into other days because I have improved my breakfast game over the last year.  FBF for dessert on Thursday?  Yes.

So now I can also say it is delicious warm, and also delicious at room temperature the next day.

And yes I did take some to my neighbor to thank her after the fact for the apples.  But I gave it to her teenage son, so I’m not sure if it made it in the house.

*** This is the 53rd FBF.  I was going to do a 1 year anniversary special but I guess I missed it!  Look forward to that coming soon.




Fancy Breakfast Friday: Breakfast for Dinner


Last Friday morning we stumbled out of bed at 5:30 am and staggered to the airport for what would be a three day party celebrating the wedding of the century.  I thought long and hard about what to make for an early breakfast that day, but then my friend Melanie came for a visit and an afternoon rose turned into happy hour then dinner and then before you know it, it was time for bed.  Fortunately, I had an inkling that I would have fun with Melanie (based on 29 years of experience) and I had already packed everything for our trip.

It was the first FBF where there was nothing special prepared or purchased.  But it was also the penultimate wedding of the century day, so it was still pretty special.  And after almost a year of Fancy Breakfasts I assumed that I could easily whip something up between then and my deadline to publish, and guess what?  I did.

We got home from the airport late Monday night after a whirl wind weekend.  I had been walking a fine balance of fancy meals, cocktails, skipped meals, and junk food.  The last thing we wanted to do was go out to eat.  The second last thing we wanted to do was go to the grocery.  I opened the fridge and basically performed a miracle.

Menu:  Frittata, roasted potatoes, and cantaloupe 20 minutes past ripe.

I’ve been making frittatas for years and I have finally achieved the “don’t need a recipe” level, but I will share what I did with approximate measurements.


4 strips of bacon
7 eggs – more or less depending on how hungry people are and what size your skillet is.  I have a 10 inch cast iron
1 cup of cheddar cheese, grated
2 T milk – aka a splash of milk
1 cup of broccoli (or whatever veggie you want – I usually use spinach but I didn’t have any)
1/2 onion, sliced
Feta – optional
salt and pepper

Put bacon in cold skillet and cook to taste as the skillet heats to medium high.  I like my bacon on the verge of burnt.  I had planned to put the bacon in the frittata, but it was pretty cooked so I let everyone just have a piece of bacon on the side.

Meanwhile cook your veggie in the microwave to slightly tender.  Whisk eggs in a bowl while the veggie cools a bit.  Add a splash of milk, most of the cheddar cheese (save some for the top) and add the veggies.  Add a little salt and pepper.

Cook the onions in the bacon fat until softened.  If half your family hates onions, push them to all one side of the skillet and remember which side.  (Handle side is how I remember.)  Poor the egg mixture into the skillet starting on the non-onion side and allow it to ooze to the onion side.  You may have to rearrange some veggies if they all end up in one place.  Put the rest of the cheddar on top.  Add feta to the onion side for people who also like feta and onions.  Cook the frittata on top of the stove until the eggs are set.  Wiggle the pan and if there is a lot of movement in the eggs, they aren’t set.

Once the eggs are set, slide the skillet into to oven under the broiler.  (On high if you have a good attention span, low if you are easily distracted.)   It’s done when the cheese has browned slightly and the frittata is puffed.

Serve from the skillet or slide the whole thing onto a plate.

This is delicious and wholesome and you can make it any time you want as long as you have some eggs and some wilted veggies in the fridge.  It’s my go to meal when my giant box of spinach is about to be wasted.  We had one slice left over and I ate it for breakfast the next morning.




Fancy Breakfast Friday: Camping 2.0


Remember about 3 weeks ago when I said I had officially covered all the versions of blueberry and cornmeal and I had found the solution and now I could move on?  Well my friend Laura commented “but have you tried the Martha Stewart ones?” and I didn’t answer, but in the back of my head I thought, hmmm.  Then when I was eating cold oats on a camping trip and looking at my phone I saw on instagram that she had made the Martha Stewart muffins with some sort of fancy tall muffin maker and they were beautiful and glorious.  I thought, OK, fine, I see how it is.  Now I have to make those.

But when I looked up the recipe I thought, “actually that looks like a hassle” and I made a different version of the Martha Stewart muffins, oh, and I was out of flour, so I had to use whole wheat.  Why was I out of flour?  Because Luke made these pancakes earlier in the week, and they were totally amazing. I would have just photographed them and called them my own, but I have already made them.  Luke did a great job, these were so yummy.

IMG_0398But still, we were out of flour.  These muffins were nothing to write home about, so I won’t bother sharing the recipe that I didn’t really follow.  I did allow everyone to pick out their own cereal for the camping trip, but we were at the new Lucky’s and I said the cereal had to cost $3.00 or less so the boys choices were limited.  I had already purchased Dave’s fave – Captain Crunch.  I had an idea about making cookies with captain crunch in them, but there wasn’t any left.

Fortunately I packed three boxes of cereal and a dozen muffins because guess what I forgot?  Lunch.  When we go to the campground I started to make sandwiches and all I had was bread.  No one complained about cereal for lunch though.

I did serve an amazing dinner of meatball bahn mi subs from cook smarts that were seriously the best things ever.

Long story short, we camped for 10 days, then were home for 3 days, then camped again for 1 day, and had a fancy breakfast of muffins and cereal.  Oh, and we saw a lot of shooting stars.  It was quite beautiful.  And cold.  But also beautiful.  Even with forgetting lunch, and not bringing warm enough clothes, it was way better than last year.




Fancy Breakfast Friday: Camping

This week’s late FBF post is sponsored by Mother Nature, specifically RAIN.


Last Friday Dave dug a trench to divert the rain around our tent and our picnic table while the boys and I ate bowls of Honey Bunches of Oats.  We camped for 10 days, and I have to say, Dave was the real star of the camping breakfast scene.  There is just something about camping that makes me not want to make breakfast.  Dinner, I can sometimes handle, and I did make these pulled pork tacos the first night.  This was easy because I had made the pulled pork and the pickled onions at home the night before.  I was so hungry by the time we ate that everyone is just lucky to still be alive, and yet I paused a moment for this photo before digging in.


For breakfast, I packed oats, yogurt, hard boiled eggs, cereal, milk, pancake mix, bagels and cream cheese.  I was more than happy to put milk and oats together the night before and eat them cold for breakfast because I was too hungry to heat them up and too lazy to want to wash extra dishes.  Others found this to be gross.  But one night I did plan ahead and cook all the bacon, and Dave cooked eggs and made breakfast sandwiches.  (Bagel, cheese, egg, bacon.)  Those were a huge hit and our go-to breakfast for the rest of the trip.  Dave also made pancakes one morning, and after everyone had had one, I offered to make the rest while Dave ate. Of course I had to fancy it up by adding some oats and sliced almonds but then Dave started to micromanage by telling me, “Make sure to wait until it’s all the way cooked before you flip it.”  To which I said, “Um, no duh,  I know how to make pancakes.”  And then I flipped it too soon and it was a huge disaster.  I had to then make this redemption pancake that no one even wanted.


It was so pretty.  I ate it for lunch.  I’ll have another camping breakfast for you next week because we camped last night too.