Fancy Breakfast Friday: Bagels


I’d love to share this recipe, but it’s one of those recipes where I decided to half it and then only halved some of the ingredients and then tried to figure out why it was so dry or wet.  I also didn’t have bread flour and so I subbed a combo of all purpose flour and vital wheat gluten.  The last problem was that I don’t have a wide pan for boiling the bagels, so I could only do one at a time.  Of course I did two at a time, which I think is why they became somewhat misshapen.

img_1418HOWEVER, misshapen and flat, they were delicious.  Chewy, perfect on the outside and inside.   Dave said they were perfect, Luke wanted to know if they were easy enough that I could make them all the time.  Jack asked for oatmeal instead.  Coincidentally, Jack is grounded.

Not only did I make homemade bagels but I then turned them into bagel supremes – with a fried egg, cheese and a slice of bacon.  Stay tuned for round 2 where I figure out a repeatable recipe.


Fancy Breakfast Friday: Pumpkin Donut Holes


I read many a pumpkin donut recipe last week before I realized that I have neither a pumpkin shaped baking pan, nor the ability to fry things.  I don’t know why, but frying is not in my repertoire.  Actually, I do know – its because I grew up during the “fat is bad” years and I have a tendency to burn myself.  I leave the frying to Dave.  I do have a cake pop maker though, so I started looking for pumpkin cake pops.  I used this recipe from the cake pop maker website.   They were even better the next day, which is something I love in a breakfast recipe.

The best part was that I made these at the same time as my famous pumpkin cake, which I was taking to the teachers for their conference meal.  So I used all the same ingredients and managed to use a whole can of pumpkin since both recipes called for less than a can. Multi-tasking!

I served these with scrambled eggs.  Everyone loved them, and I was happy because Luke likes to talk about how he doesn’t like pumpkin.

How do you like my new mug? I bought it as a present to myself after 1 year of Fancy Breakfast Fridays.  I am still working on the year in review, but as Dave said, “there were enough duds that you don’t need to do 52 FBFs exactly a year later.”


Fancy Breakfast Friday: Popovers


I had planned to do a month of apple breakfasts and then a month of pumpkin, but last week I decided we needed a cake break.  I flipped through some cook books and I found a popover recipe.  I thought to myself, “I think I made these before and they didn’t really pop and no one was impressed.”  Somehow that process led me to making them again, with similar results.  They were good warm, and good reheated with some cream cheese, but I wanted a big puff. So Jack and I had a fancy breakfast Saturday with a different recipe and those turned out much better!


This recipe is from King Arthur flour, and it was for 12 popovers, but I halved the recipe.  Somehow I ended up with 8 popovers, and I am pretty good at math.  This is now my go to recipe.  I mixed it in the blender and I used the scale for all the dry ingredients.  Very fast and easy. I tried to make it another day as well but the kids said I should really be focusing on cake for breakfast, not perfecting my popovers.  Marian Cunningham had a weird version with oat flour and marmalade that sounded so bizarre I have to try it.  Stay tuned.

I served the popovers with a blueberry, banana yogurt, orange juice and skoop smoothie.


Fancy Breakfast Friday: Apple Cake


Last Friday Dave was out of town, mountain biking in the snow in Crested Butte, and I was home alone with the boys, one of whom had fractured his ankle.  It was right at the beginning of the injury where everything was very complicated and I was feeling guilty.  So I figured, why not turn these 3 pounds of apples into a giant cake?  Well here’s why:


It wasn’t pretty, but it was delicious.  Maybe I layered the cake and the apples in the wrong order, or maybe peeling the apples does make a huge difference.  But I wasn’t going to peel 50 apples, or however many apples are in 3 pounds.  As I was slicing apples, I  imagined my kids growing up and eating a pastry that had peeled apples in it and saying, “How sophisticated!  My mom never peeled the apples in her pastries.”  And then someone looking at them with a mixture of horror and pity.  (I make pie with peeled apples, but Dave does it for me.)

No need to share this recipe, I’m never going to make it again.  If I need a breakfast apple cake, it will definitely be this one.

After we ate the tall part of the cake, I was able to flip it over without it breaking (more) and make it look like a fancy half eaten cake, so that was nice!


And now our month of apple breakfasts has come to a close.  I had planned to move on to a month of pumpkin breakfasts, but I am not quite ready.  Pumpkin spice is in the air…



Fancy Breakfast Friday: Apple Cobbler


We had apple cobbler, bacon, yogurt, juice and coffee last week for Fancy Breakfast Friday. I again tried following ye’ olde daycare recipe for apple cobbler.  The boys used to get this for snack on Friday afternoons at daycare and everyone loved it.  But I don’t 100% trust the recipe for various reasons.  I read a million apple cobbler recipes last week trying to put together a frankenstein version of apple cobbler.  Jack said, “I love this, even the dusty stuff on top.”  Dave said, “Good thing you got your fancy camera back, because good luck getting this to look good.”  Then he later admitted that he ate his by mixing it into his daily oatmeal.   We had one breakfast, one dessert and then the rest did get mixed into oatmeal because that was a good idea.img_1186

This really seems more like a crumble, even though the recipe I “adapted” for the top called it a “biscuit”.

One day I will perfect my apple cobbler and share the recipe.

Fancy Breakfast Friday: Apple Cream Torte


It’s a good year for apples in Colorado, these are from my neighbor’s tree.  As I write this, I have 8 apples baking in the oven for an apple cobbler and those are from a friend’s tree. I love to bake with apples from the neighborhood.  Of course, I took this picture before I added the powdered sugar, but it got even prettier.

Dave asked if this had 7 eggs in it like last week and I said, “No!  It doesn’t even have any fat.  Just 3 eggs and oh, 3/4 cup of cream.  Never mind.”  And a cup of sugar. I might try to scale that back a bit when I make it again.  This reminds me of the apple pie pancake, but without the two steps of cooking the apples on the stove and then the batter in the oven.  The only problem is that I will have to plan ahead because I don’t normally have cream.

I went to the grocery for the cream and then tried to find the recipe online when I was there to make sure I wasn’t missing any other ingredients.  I found that Food and Wine has an index with all the recipes for the month, which is very helpful. Unfortunately, this recipe was from Sunset  so the Food and Wine index was actually more annoying than helpful. I was so sure it was from the recent issue!  I may get too many magazines, but that will never change.

However I would change one part of this recipe.  It says to add the apples at the end, and make sure they get mixed into the batter well.  Then pour it into the pan and make sure the apple slices are all laying flat.  Next time I would pour in some batter, add some apples, repeat, etc.  Having to make sure the apples laid flat involved getting a lot of batter all over my hands.

I made this the night before and served with bacon, a bowl of yogurt and sliced peaches.



Fancy Breakfast Friday: Raspberry Butter Cake


As I may have mentioned, my camera is broken so I have to get a job to pay for the repairs, thanks A LOT SONY! So I didn’t even bother with fancy photos for this raspberry butter cake.  I went through a huge stack of magazines and tore out recipes and this was one that appealed to me.  Raspberries, whole wheat… it sounded healthy.  (Note, I did not read that butter was in the name of the recipe at first.) Then I saw almond flour and I recycled the magazine.  I have enough going on in my life, I don’t need to buy almond flour.  But then the very next day, my friend told me she had started making her own almond milk and had an almond flour by-product if I wanted any.  Serendipity!  I told her I would be happy to take her almond flour and I grabbed this recipe out of the recycling.

Time passed and it cooled off enough to run our oven.  I grabbed a thingy (unit of measure) of raspberries and I planned to make this.  Then I read the recipe again and I thought… “2 sticks of butter? That’s a lot.”  and then I thought. “7 eggs?  Well I guess if I am going to serve cake for breakfast, it should have 7 eggs in it.”

It was very good.  (2 sticks of butter.) And moist.  I know some people hate the word moist.  That actually makes me use the word more, especially to describe cake, and especially when the cake is really moist.  Like, 2 sticks of butter and 7 eggs moist.  It was a little greasy.

I gave a tiny slice to my friend who gave me the almond flour.  I should have given her more, but we were going camping that day, and I thought I needed 75% of a cake to get through the weekend.  This was true, people get hungry camping and a moist cake on a desert camping trip will dry a lot of hangry tears.

I served the cake slices with a bowl of yogurt and a slice of bacon.