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Fancy Breakfast Friday: Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit


The truth is, I didn’t make any fancy breakfasts last Friday.  But Fancy Breakfast Wednesday just sounds weird.  Luke’s birthday was Wednesday and he requested an omelette for breakfast.  I decided to go big, and do bacon and biscuits to go with the omelette.  I used this biscuit recipe and it was pretty good.  Luke’s omelette was an absolute disaster because I messed up the fold. He said it was good though, because he is a polite gentleman.  Jack’s was perfect because between making Luke’s and Jack’s I remembered how to make an omelette.  Dave requested a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit so that’s what he got.


I don’t know if this recipe makes taller biscuits or if I am just making them taller.  I suppose I will continue on the quest to perfect the biscuit.

I also made this cake, but I used clementines and chocolate chips instead of lemon and blueberries because the clementines were languishing in the fruit bowl.  It was kind of amazing.  I cut the sugar from 1 cup to 3/4 a cup.  Dave was surprised that I was able to make this cake when we were out of milk… but it called for yogurt.  (Dave hates yogurt, but you can’t tell when it’s in a cake.)  What no one in my family knows is that I was a little short on yogurt.  And out of milk… so what did I do?  I used a little mayonnaise.  Everyone hates mayonnaise so it’s amazing that everyone loved this cake, right?

Lastly, it was Luke’s birthday and he requested the peanut butter ice box cake from the New Smitten Kitchen cookbook.  I bought the cookies, pre-made and then I rallied and made the cookies from scratch.  It was actually pretty easy.


So anyway, after a fancy Wednesday and two cakes, I took Friday morning off.




Fancy Breakfast Friday: Biscuits Again


A couple weeks ago, I made biscuits, and although they were delicious, I did feel like something (salt) was missing.  I decided to remake them, this time using salt FOR SURE, and wow.  They were a lot better.  Not just more flavorful, but twice as tall.  It’s possible that practice does make perfect? Maybe the second time around, I had a lighter touch with the dough?  Who knows.  They were good.  And as I sit here trying to reconstruct the memory of these biscuits from last week, I remember that Luke didn’t get any because he wasn’t home.  That means I made these on Monday, not Friday.  It was a four day weekend and, things happened.  This has all been a lie.  The biscuits are true though!


Fancy Breakfast Friday: Biscuits


I definitely have a little bit of an imposter syndrome when it comes to biscuits because I am not from the south, and I don’t have a family tradition of biscuit making.  You can really go down a rabbit hole reading about biscuits and people have strong feelings about the type of flour, the method, everything. I have asked, and been given, Dave’s family recipe on more than one occasion.  But where is it? I can’t keep track of it.  However, I think I am ready for it now.  Because these biscuits were pretty good.  I felt no stress making them, even though I normally do drop biscuits instead of a using a biscuit cutter.  The recipe made just the right amount.  Everyone had two biscuits with their bacon and eggs, and then I sent a biscuit as a snack at school.

There was only one concern that I had.  Did I add the salt? Because there was a distinct lack of something.  I remember thinking that I should read a conversion for kosher salt to table salt because I am out of table salt.  The kosher salt was on the counter… but did I use it?  I have to make these again to know for sure. Now that I am over my fear of biscuits, I should make biscuits more often.  In college, my friend and roommate Janine would make biscuits every Friday, and sing a little, “It’s Friday Biscuit Day!” song, and she generously shared her biscuits and it was the best thing ever.  I loved her tradition of a little something special on Friday mornings for breakfast.  And here I am a few (24 years) later enjoying biscuits on a Friday.

The recipe is from the book Baking: From My Home to Yours which I do love.