Fancy Breakfast Friday: Biscuits


I definitely have a little bit of an imposter syndrome when it comes to biscuits because I am not from the south, and I don’t have a family tradition of biscuit making.  You can really go down a rabbit hole reading about biscuits and people have strong feelings about the type of flour, the method, everything. I have asked, and been given, Dave’s family recipe on more than one occasion.  But where is it? I can’t keep track of it.  However, I think I am ready for it now.  Because these biscuits were pretty good.  I felt no stress making them, even though I normally do drop biscuits instead of a using a biscuit cutter.  The recipe made just the right amount.  Everyone had two biscuits with their bacon and eggs, and then I sent a biscuit as a snack at school.

There was only one concern that I had.  Did I add the salt? Because there was a distinct lack of something.  I remember thinking that I should read a conversion for kosher salt to table salt because I am out of table salt.  The kosher salt was on the counter… but did I use it?  I have to make these again to know for sure. Now that I am over my fear of biscuits, I should make biscuits more often.  In college, my friend and roommate Janine would make biscuits every Friday, and sing a little, “It’s Friday Biscuit Day!” song, and she generously shared her biscuits and it was the best thing ever.  I loved her tradition of a little something special on Friday mornings for breakfast.  And here I am a few (24 years) later enjoying biscuits on a Friday.

The recipe is from the book Baking: From My Home to Yours which I do love.



4 thoughts on “Fancy Breakfast Friday: Biscuits

  1. Laura

    what a coincidence. I woke up at 5 worrying about something child related and so made biscuits. But I make biscuits about once a week and you are right about the literature out there. I am currently chasing Lucille’s biscuit height and texture and well everything.

  2. Melody

    Ohhhh, I love good biscuits. My momma made them way back before she got healthy. Back when she still made fried chicken with the grease she had sitting in an old Folgers can on the counter…….crazy to think about now. But, boy was it good.

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