About MetaMegan

Learn to laugh at your self or you will spend your whole life crying.  Wise words that I learned from my dad at an early age.  MetaMegan is my blog about the hilarious mini-tragedies I encounter in my life as I try to balance motherhood, work, marriage, friends, exercise, camping, cooking, biking, snowboarding, reading, movies, tv, alcohol, and my crazy dog into each day.  I don’t do all of those things every day, lately I have been mostly working and mothering on the side.  And it’s not that often that I snowboard and bike on the same day.  And I haven’t really been cooking at ALL lately.  But my kids are hilarious and work can be sort of boring, so I need to switch that around so I have more interesting stuff to write about.   One thing that remains constant, is that my dog is crazy every day.


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