Fancy Breakfast Friday: Easter Leftover Frittata


True confessions: This was supposed to be dinner last night, but when I started to make it, I realized we were out of eggs.  So I stopped for eggs on my way home from baseball at 8:00 PM and at least breakfast was solved!  This is my standard frittata.  I use 6-8 eggs, some sort of veggie and some sort of meat.  I had a ton of asparagus, and ham leftover from Easter, and so this was the perfect way to use everything up.  The way to get the cool layering with the ham on the bottom and the asparagus on the top is to forget to add the asparagus when you are whisking the eggs, ham and cheese.  I realized that I had forgotten to add the asparagus as I was pouring everything into my skillet, and it is truly an Easter miracle that I kept pouring everything into the skillet instead of all over the stove because I was staring at the asparagus and not paying attention to what I was doing.  I just plopped all the asparagus on top, added a layer of cheese and voila!  Pretty  healthy and filling breakfast for a Friday!




2 thoughts on “Fancy Breakfast Friday: Easter Leftover Frittata

  1. John Hanley

    Looks delish!Linda made a great one for us in Fl. I made one for Easter -with Asparagus!!!

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