Fancy Breakfast Friday 

Fancy Breakfast Friday is going strong 3 weeks in.  Last week’s breakfast was blueberry buckle with vanilla crumb with a side of breakfast sausage and an egg made to order.  I had to go overboard on the protein since I was basically serving cake for breakfast.  The recipe is from this cookbook:  Rustic Fruit Desserts.  I’ve also made the strawberry shortcake from that cookbook and it is amazing.  I had mixed results with the plum cake.

This recipe is actually for a cranberry buckle, and the reason I initially made it was to use up cranberries during the holidays, but the cranberries were just way way too tart.  Blueberries make this perfect.  It also calls fora 9×9 pan, which I don’t have.  So I did a lot of calculations lxwxh, a=piR2 etc to convert 9×9 to either 8×8 or 10″ round or 9″ round.  I think I determined the 10 inch round pan was the way to go last time, but this time, I used the 9″ round because I seem to have short term memory loss. It turned out perfect and delicious, but I had to cook it for a year and a half, checking every 5 minutes to see if it was done.


2 thoughts on “Fancy Breakfast Friday 

  1. Laura

    Sigh, there’s a reason you identify with Wonder Woman. I am having a day of total incompetence. I made the world’s worst pancakes today. I still don’t know what happened. maybe the buttermilk got too old. But they were truly bad. throw away bad. Then it just took me 3 hours to figure out what should have been a 2 second problem in AppDesigner. Is it Saturday yet? Signed, Garfield

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