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Fancy Breakfast Friday: Huevos


This recipe from Smitten Kitchen is the last Fancy thing I cooked before I had a pinched nerve and lost the ability to walk far or stand for long.  As far as last meals go, it was pretty good.  I made it for FBF on Friday (a couple weeks ago.)  Then I made it again on Saturday, this time with sliced avocado instead of guac:


And then one more time on Sunday as the weird pain got worse and worse.  I’m glad I had such a hearty breakfast because shortly afterwards I was confined to the couch for 2 weeks. I used up all the salsa on Sunday, and it was pretty, but something was missing.  I blame grocery store tomatoes.


This recipe is very versatile and it’s obviously a keeper.  It turns out, I am a much happier person in the kitchen than on the couch, so I brought a chair into the kitchen so I can start cooking again as I heal.  I’ll have one more week of less than fancy breakfast posts, and then fingers crossed that I can start to be fancy again!