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Jack and I stayed home yesterday, while Dave and Luke braved the 45 mile an hour winds at Eldora.  Jack had me making a list of activities before I was even out of bed.  By about 10:00 am we had everything crossed off and I wanted to just sit for a minute.  Jack wanted to glue so I decided to work on my scrapbook while he made a collage.  The top two items in the recycling bin were the latest Anthropologie catalog and the Ohio University Alumni magazine.

Jack wanted to know – “If we glue the heart on top of these guys, will they come to life?”

We decided not to risk it, but just placed the hearts there for a second to take the photo.


Beard Hat


Speaking of things for which I feel thankful… I have to give thanks for my mother in law, who knitted this awesome hat that I requested, and for my son who is willing to wear it. The back story, is that I was reading my friend Aurora’s blog, and she mentioned pinterest in this post. That led me down the rabbit hole of pinterest and soon I was sending this picture to Laura asking her to teach me to knit. She said she would. Then I realized I was probably never going to knit that awesome beard hat, so I emailed my awesome mother in law with the link. Now, two short months later, Jack is in possession of a beard hat.

Life is perfect.

She’s Craftyyyyyy



I thought it would be fun to do a craft with the boys today, and for once, it worked out!  Usually by the time I get everything out and get everyone set up, they have lost interest.  I have been wanting to create some sort of stamp forever, and since I don’t have time, skill, or enough creativity to do it, it hasn’t happened.  But yesterday Jack needed me to write a thank you note for him since he had been to a birthday party and was really excited about the party favors.   When I finished with the note, Dave said, “Make your mark, Jack.”  And he drew an awesome little guy.  An awesome little guy that was begging to be made into a tee-shirt design.

One trip to the craft store later, we were ready to do get crafty.  I knew it would take me a while to make the stamp, so I used two secret weapons.  The first was letting the boys each pick out some crafty stuff to buy.  The second was inviting some friends over.  Crafty friends, with longer attention spans.  Worst case, they could entertain the boys while I finished my project.

Long story short, I turned Jack’s drawing into the stamp above, and we made two shirts.  More are available to order as Christmas gifts.  The eyes and mouth glow in the dark, fyi.

One of Luke’s craft supply choices were pom poms, and he decided to turn them into a comic. It’s too tiny to scan and share, so here is the dialog:

One day everybody was minding their own business when an evil pompom fell from the sky.  Suddenly, more started falling.  One person said, “I see an evil pompom plane.” One person caught an evil pompom.  “Oof.”  The evil pompom bit the person’s arm off.  “Help”

So there you have it.  A successful day of crafting.


Community Garden

I just wanted to share this very cool project that is happening in New York:

If you love food, gardens, sustainability, cool people, getting a plant named after you, or all of the above, you should donate ASAP to their project!  And by donate, I mean, pledge money, and get fun stuff in return.

Imagination Fireworks

On the fourth of July we couldn’t decide if we should:

1.) Watch Dave’s 50 mile mountain bike race and then immediately get in the car and and drive 2 hours home, relax and then go the fireworks

2.) Watch Dave’s 50 mile mtn bike race, hang out, watch the fireworks in Breckenridge and then drive home 2 hours afterwards and get home at midnight.

3.) Number 2, but camp instead and drive home in the morning.

4.) Watch Dave’s race, then hang out, then head back to our campsite and hope we could see the fireworks from there, then camp and leave super early in the morning.

I laid out all the choices for Luke and at the end, he said, “Whatever you want is fine with me.”  I complimented him on being so agreeable and he admitted that “Actually, I wasn’t listening to the choices.”  So I went down the whole thing again and surprisingly, he said, since he wasn’t listening AGAIN, he was fine with whatever.

Long story short, we went with option 2.  And we heard there was a great viewing spot near where we were hanging out, and we walked ALMOST all the way there.

Long story short, we heard sounds, and we saw smoke, and some lights, and some of the fireworks were high enough that we could see them.  But most of the fireworks were obscured by a big condo building.  I asked Dave if maybe we should walk around to the front of the condo, and he said, “Why?  So we can see the condo on the other side of the street?”

Jack was happy where he was, (on my lap) and Luke was cool about it too.  (Possibly because we had seen great fireworks a few days prior, but that’s a story for another day.)

But the best comment came from one of the dads who tried to sell the almost there fireworks to the kids as “Imagination Fireworks.”

>A Little Story About A Christmas Project

>Last December, I had a thought that I should get a frame with several spots for 5×7 pictures and at Christmastime I could use the frame to display a series of my kids on Santa’s lap. Then I thought, “Hey, it’s sort of a busy time of year, this is something I could do in January when everything settles down.” Fast forward one month. I can’t remember last January, but I must have been occasionally shopping for frames. I think at some point I thought, “I could just waut and do this next year at Christmastime.” Fast forward one year. The kids had their picture taken with Santa (story for another post), and by my calculations, I should have a total of 6 pictures floating around that need to be in a frame. Frames with 3 spots for 5×7 pictures were buy one get one free. Hello! Time to cross a year old project off the to do list.

I got home from Micheal’s with a 12 pack of food coloring and two picture frames and I was very happy. I opened the filing cabinet to my folder marked “pictures” and I found… 1 picture of the kids on Santa’s lap circa 2008. That’s it. That’s how organized I am. I put something on my to do list, and it stays there for a year, and when I finally complete the 20 minute chore of purchasing a frame, the pictures are lost.

The pictures weren’t in the baby books either. Because yeah, I’m not really keeping the baby books up to date, but I thought to check there.

Finally I thought to look in my nightstand. And what did I find? My old “to do list” folder. See, last March, I randomly thought I was going to quit my job, and I cleaned almost everyone out of my desk at work and chucked it into my nightstand drawer. What was I working on last March? Apparently shopping for a frame for Santa pictures, since the pictures were in there. I was also working on a bunch of other stuff that now doesn’t seem quite so important.

BUT – the pictures are in the frame and the kids had a really good time looking at them today. So it was worth it. A year of thinking about doing something, 30 minutes doing it.

In other news: I have sugar cookie, chewy chocolate gingerbread, star wars sugar cookie, and peanut butter surprise cookie dough made. Tomorrow I hope to start baking.


>Last year I wanted to blog about some of the things I was making for Christmas, but then that would have spoiled the surprise. By January, I had forgotten everything. But I am now in the process of planning holiday gifts and crafts and so I am revisiting last year.

For Anthony, my nephew, and budding chef, I made an apron, and I had Dave model it:

From December2009 1

I also had the boys help me make wrapping paper:

From December2009 1

Jack and I actually already gotten a head start on that project this year.

I also made some photo books, and after Christmas I made a smock for my niece, Rose, and a sort of jacket for Hope. This year I don’t have any solid plans yet, so feel free to comment with suggestions. Of course, cookies are ALWAYS on the agenda, and Laura wants to make soap. But Dave and I both had the same reaction to that: …shudder…ew…fight club

Maybe in all my free time away from the computer I am going crazy crafting!

>I Made a Sleeping Bag

>Where in the world is MetaMegan in this heat wave?

Sure has been hot lately, hasn’t it? What has everyone been doing? Going to the pool? Staying inside in the air conditioning? Water world? The Beach? Seeing a movie?

Me, I’ve been sitting under a blanket, sewing. Yup! I made Dave a sleeping bag. Have I mentioned that we don’t have air conditioning? I know, I know. I am a very dedicated, supportive, awesome, and crafty wife. My fatal flaw, is procrastination. Dave came up with this idea around 6 months ago. He bought the fabric (ultralight nylon with a primaloft), he sent me a link to a website that showed something similar to what he wanted. Months passed, and 12 days before Dave was scheduled to leave, I started the project!

Tuesday night I needed to work late, so in between steps in my project, I sewed. Next thing I knew, it was 1:30 am. I finished up on Wednesday night while we watched Whip It.

Dave tested the sleeping bag out on two occasions. First he wore it to watch the end of Whip It. He said, “Wow this is warm!” No kidding, it’s been on my lap for 2 days!

Then Dave took the sleeping bag and all his gear for his bike ride and slept in the woods on Friday night. The low temperature was 43 degrees, and the sleeping bag did the trick. I know, Dave has been training for 6 months, and planning for a year for his 500 mile bike ride. It’s all very impressive. The point of everything here is that I sewed a sleeping bag! I am awesome.

Order your slanket now, and I’ll start it on December 20th and have it to you in time for Christmas!

>Happy Valentine’s Day. Duh.

>Exciting! I just used the new search feature here on MetaMegan to see if I had written about the Valentine Tragedy of 2007. (Or whenever if was.) And I did write about it! Twice!

So you can imagine I had a lot to think about this year when it came to Valentines. I decided to do a paper airplane from Family Fun, but what if kids started making the planes immediately and throwing them and it was pandemonium and his teacher got really angry and blamed Luke? Ok, that probably wasn’t going to happen.

On to my next problem. Do I print out one copy, bring it home, have him write “Happy Valentine’s Day, Love Luke” on it and then take it back to work and make 25 copies? The advantage to that is that it would be less work for Luke, and the chances for something to go wrong and induce a meltdown were really low. Disadvantage – I don’t have access to a color copier at work so they would all be in black and white and gray, and that is lame. The other option is that I could print off 25 color copies, but then he’d have to write “Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, Luke.” 25 times. That sounded like a recipe for disaster, but the Valentine’s would be a lot cuter. Maybe I could go to Michael’s and get a stamp that just says, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” Hmm. Trip to Michaels: Unlikely. (Missing van key.) Dave suggested printing it in color, having Luke write his message and then taking the paper to Kinko’s to have it scanned and then make 25 color copies there. Trip to Kinkos: Not just no, but hell no. When do I have time for this?! I barely have time to obsess about it all week long, much less do anything about it.

Well, time ran out and I printed the color copies. I told Luke I would write Happy Valentine’s Day if he wrote, Love (or From) Luke. He said sure. And when he made mistakes, he just said, “If you see any more mistakes like that, can you just correct them for me?” Yeah, sure. I suppose that is better than a meltdown. Then he rolled them up with the instructions and I tied a bow around them. The whole thing took about 45 minutes. Am I insane? Why yes, I am.

BUT! I had a good time working on the Valentine’s with Luke. It was fun and we chatted. I said, “I heard Max kissed Alex(andra).” Luke said, “Yeah. He’s been in a kissing mood lately.” I said, “Are you ever in a kissing mood?” He said “No. Well sometimes.” (Shocked breath in!) “When I am kissing you goodnight. DUH!”

Aww, my sweet, sweet boy. I ignored the duh.

>Like Father, Like Son

>Well – I’ve been in a frenzy lately, with no time to blog, and when I do thinking about blogging, I want to blog about all the cool things I have been making. But then, if Cindy, Anthony, Rose, or Hope read my blog, the surprise will be ruined! You know who doesn’t read my blog? Ruby. And that is her birthday present up there, above. It’s a journal. With my new “Good enough” policy, it took about 20 minutes to make, with supplies we had in the house. It could be better, if by better, I mean, awesome in my mind, but never existing in reality.

In addition to the gifts I can’t mention above, we made a bunch of cookies, but those deserve their own post. And the boys made wrapping paper. In fact, when I had Luke pick out the paper for Ruby’s book, he said, “YOU SAID we didn’t HAVE any WRAPPING PAPER!” (He may not have been as enthusiastic about the wrapping paper project as I was.) But I said, “This isn’t wrapping paper!!! This is my special book making paper!!!”

But the whole point of this post, is that I have to record something Luke said today.

Luke: Daddy and I are a lot alike. Because he doesn’t crash a lot. But when he does it’s… it’s… it’s huge.
Megan: Spectacular?
Luke: Daddy has huge crashes. And it takes me a long time to think of an idea. But when I do, it’s really good. See how we are similar?

Ideas for future posts:
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United Airlines
Still need to get to:
Thanksgiving recipes