She’s Craftyyyyyy



I thought it would be fun to do a craft with the boys today, and for once, it worked out!  Usually by the time I get everything out and get everyone set up, they have lost interest.  I have been wanting to create some sort of stamp forever, and since I don’t have time, skill, or enough creativity to do it, it hasn’t happened.  But yesterday Jack needed me to write a thank you note for him since he had been to a birthday party and was really excited about the party favors.   When I finished with the note, Dave said, “Make your mark, Jack.”  And he drew an awesome little guy.  An awesome little guy that was begging to be made into a tee-shirt design.

One trip to the craft store later, we were ready to do get crafty.  I knew it would take me a while to make the stamp, so I used two secret weapons.  The first was letting the boys each pick out some crafty stuff to buy.  The second was inviting some friends over.  Crafty friends, with longer attention spans.  Worst case, they could entertain the boys while I finished my project.

Long story short, I turned Jack’s drawing into the stamp above, and we made two shirts.  More are available to order as Christmas gifts.  The eyes and mouth glow in the dark, fyi.

One of Luke’s craft supply choices were pom poms, and he decided to turn them into a comic. It’s too tiny to scan and share, so here is the dialog:

One day everybody was minding their own business when an evil pompom fell from the sky.  Suddenly, more started falling.  One person said, “I see an evil pompom plane.” One person caught an evil pompom.  “Oof.”  The evil pompom bit the person’s arm off.  “Help”

So there you have it.  A successful day of crafting.



7 thoughts on “She’s Craftyyyyyy

  1. soboclassifieds

    As I was applying leopard print duct tape the to back of my badly-needing-to-be-reupholstered dining chairs, I was certain I was being catapulted into the crafty stratosphere. Especially because I’d just wrapped up painting chalkboard paint onto the front of my dry goods jars (and then labeling them all in chalk) AND had spent last Sunday making Martha Stewart bats to decorate the front porch. THEN, I finally get a blog notice from you, take one look and my little craft balloon deflates. You win. 🙂

    1. metamegan Post author

      Well you won last week, so we are even. 🙂 Good thing we are only competing with each other. Would a hand printed set of cloth napkins cheer you up? Ha ha.

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