Fish. And Lima Beans.

That is the answer to the question, “What did MetaMegan make for dinner last night?”  You know, the dynamic duo that kids LOVE.  Two things I never would have eaten as a child, but what Luke requested for dinner.  (Given other, various, not much better options.)  I told Luke he had to pick some beans that he liked because I wanted to serve beans more often, and he picked lima beans.   Well, the thing is, his Grandmom made some lima beans this summer that were actually delicious.  (Note to self, get that recipe.)  My lima beans were not as good, and I am not sure what went wrong.  Luke choked his down, Jack ate one, and I scraped the rest off his plate and onto mine.  Good thing, because right after that I dropped a glass into the bowl of lima beans and it shattered.

Everyone cheered.

Thanks Karma!  Here is where I would link to the story about the time everyone cheered when my mom’s meatloaf got dropped coming out of the oven and spilled all over the floor and we got to have McDonalds instead.  But I wasn’t blogging back then and I can’t link to my old diary. Of course, rumor has it, that meatloaf got turned into shepherds pie.  I couldn’t really do the same with the lima beans because of the glass shards.

Oh, and the fish wasn’t good either.


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