>I Made a Sleeping Bag

>Where in the world is MetaMegan in this heat wave?

Sure has been hot lately, hasn’t it? What has everyone been doing? Going to the pool? Staying inside in the air conditioning? Water world? The Beach? Seeing a movie?

Me, I’ve been sitting under a blanket, sewing. Yup! I made Dave a sleeping bag. Have I mentioned that we don’t have air conditioning? I know, I know. I am a very dedicated, supportive, awesome, and crafty wife. My fatal flaw, is procrastination. Dave came up with this idea around 6 months ago. He bought the fabric (ultralight nylon with a primaloft), he sent me a link to a website that showed something similar to what he wanted. Months passed, and 12 days before Dave was scheduled to leave, I started the project!

Tuesday night I needed to work late, so in between steps in my project, I sewed. Next thing I knew, it was 1:30 am. I finished up on Wednesday night while we watched Whip It.

Dave tested the sleeping bag out on two occasions. First he wore it to watch the end of Whip It. He said, “Wow this is warm!” No kidding, it’s been on my lap for 2 days!

Then Dave took the sleeping bag and all his gear for his bike ride and slept in the woods on Friday night. The low temperature was 43 degrees, and the sleeping bag did the trick. I know, Dave has been training for 6 months, and planning for a year for his 500 mile bike ride. It’s all very impressive. The point of everything here is that I sewed a sleeping bag! I am awesome.

Order your slanket now, and I’ll start it on December 20th and have it to you in time for Christmas!


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