Imagination Fireworks

On the fourth of July we couldn’t decide if we should:

1.) Watch Dave’s 50 mile mountain bike race and then immediately get in the car and and drive 2 hours home, relax and then go the fireworks

2.) Watch Dave’s 50 mile mtn bike race, hang out, watch the fireworks in Breckenridge and then drive home 2 hours afterwards and get home at midnight.

3.) Number 2, but camp instead and drive home in the morning.

4.) Watch Dave’s race, then hang out, then head back to our campsite and hope we could see the fireworks from there, then camp and leave super early in the morning.

I laid out all the choices for Luke and at the end, he said, “Whatever you want is fine with me.”  I complimented him on being so agreeable and he admitted that “Actually, I wasn’t listening to the choices.”  So I went down the whole thing again and surprisingly, he said, since he wasn’t listening AGAIN, he was fine with whatever.

Long story short, we went with option 2.  And we heard there was a great viewing spot near where we were hanging out, and we walked ALMOST all the way there.

Long story short, we heard sounds, and we saw smoke, and some lights, and some of the fireworks were high enough that we could see them.  But most of the fireworks were obscured by a big condo building.  I asked Dave if maybe we should walk around to the front of the condo, and he said, “Why?  So we can see the condo on the other side of the street?”

Jack was happy where he was, (on my lap) and Luke was cool about it too.  (Possibly because we had seen great fireworks a few days prior, but that’s a story for another day.)

But the best comment came from one of the dads who tried to sell the almost there fireworks to the kids as “Imagination Fireworks.”


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