>Like Father, Like Son

>Well – I’ve been in a frenzy lately, with no time to blog, and when I do thinking about blogging, I want to blog about all the cool things I have been making. But then, if Cindy, Anthony, Rose, or Hope read my blog, the surprise will be ruined! You know who doesn’t read my blog? Ruby. And that is her birthday present up there, above. It’s a journal. With my new “Good enough” policy, it took about 20 minutes to make, with supplies we had in the house. It could be better, if by better, I mean, awesome in my mind, but never existing in reality.

In addition to the gifts I can’t mention above, we made a bunch of cookies, but those deserve their own post. And the boys made wrapping paper. In fact, when I had Luke pick out the paper for Ruby’s book, he said, “YOU SAID we didn’t HAVE any WRAPPING PAPER!” (He may not have been as enthusiastic about the wrapping paper project as I was.) But I said, “This isn’t wrapping paper!!! This is my special book making paper!!!”

But the whole point of this post, is that I have to record something Luke said today.

Luke: Daddy and I are a lot alike. Because he doesn’t crash a lot. But when he does it’s… it’s… it’s huge.
Megan: Spectacular?
Luke: Daddy has huge crashes. And it takes me a long time to think of an idea. But when I do, it’s really good. See how we are similar?

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