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>True Confessions: One of the reasons I have been sort of lame about blogging is that I have over 1000 pictures on my camera, and it takes picassa 2000 years to see them all, and then the ones I want are sort of tiny and down really low behind a wall and I can’t see them. Wow, in the time it took to type that, I probably could have gone down to the mac, downloaded all the pics and then deleted them off the camera. And I really need to do that before Christmas anyway. Just this evening, Jack was being really cute at the dinner table, and I thought, a video of this would be so cute, and I would treasure it forever. Without a video, how will I remember his sweet 2 year old voice? How will I remember the tilt to his head, and the way he raises his eyebrows when he asks a question to which he already knows the answer? How will I capture the true joy in Luke’s laugh when Jack is cracking him up? But the camera, is alllll the way over therrrrrrre. And I’ll never get a chance to download the video…

Then I had the same thought right before bedtime when Jack was crawling around, pretending to be a dog. He was a very frisky, barking dog. His bark sounded exactly like this, “Bark! Bark!”

To Do:
Deal with camera
Fix Christmas music playlist (delete all songs from Disney classic.)
Catch up on a bazillion things I need to post

Also – I am toying with the idea of changing the layout here. So don’t be surprised if that happens. AND! I updated the list of books read for 2009. I am sort of in the middle of two, so maybe the list will grow by the end of the year. And I didn’t put comments on the books this year but I feel the need to give Her Fearful Symmetry 2 thumbs down.


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