>A Little Story About A Christmas Project

>Last December, I had a thought that I should get a frame with several spots for 5×7 pictures and at Christmastime I could use the frame to display a series of my kids on Santa’s lap. Then I thought, “Hey, it’s sort of a busy time of year, this is something I could do in January when everything settles down.” Fast forward one month. I can’t remember last January, but I must have been occasionally shopping for frames. I think at some point I thought, “I could just waut and do this next year at Christmastime.” Fast forward one year. The kids had their picture taken with Santa (story for another post), and by my calculations, I should have a total of 6 pictures floating around that need to be in a frame. Frames with 3 spots for 5×7 pictures were buy one get one free. Hello! Time to cross a year old project off the to do list.

I got home from Micheal’s with a 12 pack of food coloring and two picture frames and I was very happy. I opened the filing cabinet to my folder marked “pictures” and I found… 1 picture of the kids on Santa’s lap circa 2008. That’s it. That’s how organized I am. I put something on my to do list, and it stays there for a year, and when I finally complete the 20 minute chore of purchasing a frame, the pictures are lost.

The pictures weren’t in the baby books either. Because yeah, I’m not really keeping the baby books up to date, but I thought to check there.

Finally I thought to look in my nightstand. And what did I find? My old “to do list” folder. See, last March, I randomly thought I was going to quit my job, and I cleaned almost everyone out of my desk at work and chucked it into my nightstand drawer. What was I working on last March? Apparently shopping for a frame for Santa pictures, since the pictures were in there. I was also working on a bunch of other stuff that now doesn’t seem quite so important.

BUT – the pictures are in the frame and the kids had a really good time looking at them today. So it was worth it. A year of thinking about doing something, 30 minutes doing it.

In other news: I have sugar cookie, chewy chocolate gingerbread, star wars sugar cookie, and peanut butter surprise cookie dough made. Tomorrow I hope to start baking.


2 thoughts on “>A Little Story About A Christmas Project

  1. Laura M

    >thank god all you found in your nightstand was photos.Anywho I hope you got Luke and easybake oven last christmas so he can take on some of that baking. maybe it's time to invite one more person into the baking circle to divide the labor. go Luke!

  2. Meta Megan

    >I had already planned to have the easybake oven going – glad we are on the same page. Those 3 cookies an hour in the easy bake oven will definitely be worth the counter space! Ha.

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