>Dodgeball 2

>I was never a team sport person, so it took my completely by surprise when I had so much fun playing dodge ball last week. Luke’s team won their game, and we went 2-0. It was really, really fun. I wondered if maybe I should join a dodge ball league. Luke wished there was a NDL or MLD.

It was a lot of running, and dodging, and sweating and laughing, and I felt like I got a work out in 20 minutes. I finally understood why people like to play sports. It’s been very interesting. On the other hand, it is sort of detrimental to my workout routine. How I can I go back to the treadmill after the excitement of dodge ball? I recently finished a 6 week challenge on the wii (EA Sports Active: More Workouts) and it was pretty good. I felt like my abs and my legs were getting in pretty good shape. For the arms part, it uses a resistance band, and I couldn’t get quite enough resistance to feel like it was working. I do have a resistance band that is tighter, but I can’t hold it and the wiimotes at the same time so the trainer just keeps telling me I am doing it wrong. But after the 6 week challenge I thought, “Hmmm. I could probably do all these moves with weights instead of the band, and without the pretty wii scenery in a shorter amount of time…” So once I got up and sort of worked out without the wii. That was about 3 weeks ago. For some annoying reason, the wii seems to be the best motivator for me. I can do it at home, I don’t like the program to remind me that I have missed a workout, so I don’t miss workouts, and I seem to get sort of in shape. The problem is that once I finish a program on one of the wii games, I don’t want to do it again. And now we have the added challenge of finding something as fun as dodge ball. I’ve been researching yoga studios, dance studios, cross fit gyms, the Y, regular gyms, and workout videos. And when I am not doing that, I am resting on the couch from the exertion of dodge ball until I can get up and gather the strength to start preparing for COOKIE EXTRAVAGANZA 2010.

So far I have the sugar cookie dough rolled out and in the freezer, along with the dough for chewy chocolate gingerbread. The problem is deciding what to do next:
1.) The dough that comes with the star wars cookie cutters?
2.) Chocolate peanut butter surprise?
3.) Pecan Cookies?
4.) Spritz?
5.) Ice box cookies?

And so on. 1 and 4 are definitely going to happen, just need to find the time. Then I am torn about the rest. I plan to get the dough all done this week if I can. Then I can bake on Saturday and maybe just relax and decorate Sunday.

As for dodge ball, it turns out that it’s more fun when you win. I had hoped I would never know the loss of a dodge ball game, but last night did us in.

We have one more game Wednesday, and then may or may not go on to the finals. So it’s still all dodge ball and cookie dough all the time at Casa de MetaMegan.


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