Beard Hat


Speaking of things for which I feel thankful… I have to give thanks for my mother in law, who knitted this awesome hat that I requested, and for my son who is willing to wear it. The back story, is that I was reading my friend Aurora’s blog, and she mentioned pinterest in this post. That led me down the rabbit hole of pinterest and soon I was sending this picture to Laura asking her to teach me to knit. She said she would. Then I realized I was probably never going to knit that awesome beard hat, so I emailed my awesome mother in law with the link. Now, two short months later, Jack is in possession of a beard hat.

Life is perfect.


3 thoughts on “Beard Hat

  1. laura

    that is incredible. Way to go, Grandma!!!
    I need to see a picture of Dave and Jack in that hat together. the family resemblance is uncanny.

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