Beard Hat Part Deux


So… Fortunately, Dave is a calm driver, because we were driving in the mountains today when I saw this and screamed.  Apparently, Beard Hat is a real thing.  I accidentally stole the idea, so if you want one, you should buy one from  You know you want one!

It’s funny because I have had that darn December Real Simple for weeks, but I have been saving it because I had this idea that I would be curled up by the fire at some point over Thanksgiving, reading magazines and drinking coffee and savoring the moment.  It’s odd that I didn’t have a moment to savor with a magazine until exactly one day after I published my beard hat post.


1 thought on “Beard Hat Part Deux

  1. laura

    I have been saving my Christmas magazines too!
    You should probably find a way to freelance for that magazine. You are clearly soul mates with the editor.

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