The Art of Browsing

I told the kids that I would be more willing to take them places if they learned the art of browsing. We chatted about it and I explained that you look at things, but you don’t ask me to buy them for you. You may not even want to buy the items. Maybe the item just sparks your creativity, etc, etc. It’s going to take to some work. But today I needed to run errands at several places, including Target, and I needed to bring Jack with me.

I said, “Jack. We are going to Target. But we aren’t going to buy any toys. You can look at the toys if you want, but you can’t ask me to buy them.”

Jack said, “We are going to… broooowse?”

We needed to ease into browsing, and we are also working on ideas for Santa, so Jack was allowed to point out what he liked in the toy aisle. Then I thought maybe I would take a few photos of stuff he liked. Long story short, I have 28 new pictures on my phone, and two videos of Jack dancing to music one that one of the toys made.