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Good Eye

Yes, I started this blog post with a title of “Good Eye” and it’s not even going to be about baseball.  We have been living and breathing baseball these days, and so last night, on a rare night off, I was able to walk around the block with Jack, as he practiced riding his bike.  (With training wheels.)  When we turned the first corner, I saw that the clouds were a slightly faded pink, we had missed the best of the sunset, but it was still very pretty.

Me: Jack, look at those clouds.

Jack: Wow!  Those are beautiful! I want to touch them!  I bet they feel squishy.  I want to taste them.

Me: What do you think they taste like?  Cotton Candy?  (So cliche! So unhealthy! Try again.)  Um, or maybe strawberries?

Jack: I bet they taste like rain.

Then he looked up at me and said, “Good eye Mama.  Really great job, noticing those clouds.”

I thanked him.

Speaking of Bike Commuting…

Guess what America’s favorite bike commuting family did today!  We drove to the mall!  Not the far away mall, but the one that is sort of close, that you can bike to.  As Dave drove around the insane madhouse of a parking lot, looking for a place to park there was a lot of, “I can’t believe I let you convince me to drive.  You should have driven!  This is insane!  We should just park at our house and walk!”  And so on.  Call me crazy, but yesterday’s forecast for today was 30-40 and rainy/snowy.  Does that sound like family outing to the mall weather?  Why yes, it does.  In a car.  Of course, it was 50 and sunny, perfect biking weather, but you never know when that weather will change.  PLUS!  We were going to the mall to buy a new computer.  Do you bring home a giant new computer on your bike, when it might rain?  Well according to Dave, you don’t buy your computer at the mall anyway, you order it online.  But I felt the need to have someone wait on us, answer questions, try to upsell us, wheel and deal, etc.  Sadly, the answer to almost all my questions was, “I don’t know.”  And the answer to  “can we get one with these options” was, “Only if you order it online.”  And, “I told you so.”  That last one was from Dave.

Overall, a very disappointing trip to the Apple store.   Except for one exciting thing!  When we got there, I was immediately overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people, and I was ready to concede that it was a wasted trip, but then I remembered about the fact that I can’t plug a headphone jack into my phone so I decided to ask someone for help with that.   A nice person said I needed a reservation and she could help me make one.  The reservation was for 4:00 pm.  This was at 2:30.  It was then that I understood what the 275 other people in the store were doing.  She asked if I could wait that long and I said, “Well I need to talk to someone about buying a giant computer and a bunch of software, so maybe.”  Then she just took my phone and ran in the back and cleaned out the earphone jack immediately after she helped us make an appointment to talk to a specialist.

Diagnosis, “It had, like, a LOT of lint in it.”  Super glad I did not have to wait until 4:00 pm to figure that out.  And I didn’t even buy a computer!

To make it up to Dave for ruining his non-driving streak, I rode the xtra-cycle to the other apple store and bought all the groceries.

Bike Commuting


I posted this picture of Dave taking the kids to school on facebook and now everything thinks Dave is a super hard core bike commuter.  (OK, it’s true, he is.)  But do you know what is missing from this picture?  The bike ride home. See, I planned to go to work that day, but after 30 seconds of scraping off the windshield, I remembered that I can work from home so I went in the house.  Even though I had showered, and was wearing a skirt, and tights.  And I had done my hair.  So what happened later?  Dave took the car to work, and didn’t make it home in time to pick up the kids.  So I hopped on the bike, in a skirt and boots – not winter boots, but cute boots.  Then I pedaled over to the daycare, picked up Jack and his sled, then went to school and picked up Jack.  Yup – super hard core bike commuter, in boots and a skirt.  No pictures to prove it, so you just have to trust me.

Boulder Cup

Check out these two kids strategizing before the race:

I like this picture of the start because Luke told me his strategy was to never look behind you. He must have been getting it out of the way ahead of time.

And here is the start – Luke is number nine, sponsored by SpongeBob.

Here is Luke right before he got his jersey signed by Tom Danielson. Does that mean I can’t wash that jersey? It was in sharpie. I jokingly said I would embroider over the signature because he really doesn’t want me to wash it. Problem: Luke only has two jerseys and the other one is small enough that Jack can also wear it.  Problem number 2: I do not know how to embroider.

I was wondering who that lady was that Luke was talking to in the picture, but then I realized it was me. I never wear baseball hats so I didn’t recognize myself.

And hey, look who came in third!

I chose this picture because you can see the Valmonster sticker on Luke’s bike. We sure do love Valmont Bike Park!

I’ve been checking for pictures, and I found this great collection. Much better than the ones I took with my iphone.

Thanks !!!


>I got to sleep in today and it was glorious. Then we biked to Centro for brunch, and I needed a spicy breakfast since it was 28 degrees when we left the house. We bundled up pretty well, but Luke and I wished we had scarves or ski masks because our faces were freezing. But Centro was the best. I wish I could say I branched out and ordered something different, but I just got the same thing I always get: Huevos Rancheros. The. Best. Breakfast. In. Boulder. And I LOVE Lucille’s, I really do. But Centro is so exactly what I want. Perfect amount of spice and sweet, perfect portions. I swear I am not saying this because the Bloody Marys are also really good.

Dave had the special, Jack had the coconut fried bananas with vanilla anglaise, and Luke had a burnt grapefruit and a quesadilla.

After brunch, we biked to the Buffs game, which the won, yea! Then biked home just before 4, when the sun was already down behind the mountain. Short days, and cold. But my huevos rancheros sustained me until we got home and I made hot cocoa.

>Friday Night

Originally, this post was about the costumes that Jack was wore on Friday (pirate), Sunday (fireman) and Monday (Power Ranger). But this is the only picture from Friday, and as you can see, “pirate” was just one of many layers.

The short version of this new post is: That’s my purse wrapped in a plastic bag in the basket of my bike.

Long version? The plan for Friday night was to bike to the CU Homecoming parade, then drop Luke off at a birthday party at the bowling alley on campus, then bike to Pearl Street and have dinner, then bike back to get Luke, hang out, and then bike home. It was a great plan, a plan that I LOVED. Until it started raining. Then I started thinking… you know what would be fun? Laundry. Laundry, and wine. Drive to campus… drop off Luke, etc. I floated the idea but Dave ignored me and continued to pack layers of clothes for the boys.

We were all in the garage getting on bikes when it really started to pour. Dave said it was never going to work, but I convinced him we should just ride our bikes to a parade in a downpour. (Or else, he possibly used reverse psychology to convince me to go. I know I yelled something like, “No, I want to stay home and do laundry, but I am being a good sport so LET’S GO!”) We thought it was raining hard when we left the house but it got worse. Just as one of our friends was thinking to herself, “I must be completely insane to be biking home in this,” she saw us coming in the opposite direction and cracked up.

Once we got to the parade, it stopped raining and the rest of the night went as planned, and was very fun. And the next morning, I got to brag about how hard core I am. I ran into a friend on Saturday morning and told her about our adventure. She said. “Wow! You guys are hard core!” I said, “Ummmmm…” And she said, “I mean, your guy is hard core.” But I am a good sport.

>Colorado Trail

We dropped Dave off at Waterton Canyon on Friday afternoon so he could start the Colorado trail. He met us at Buffalo Creek on Friday night and we camped Friday and Saturday. Dave took Saturday to rehydrate and rest because Friday was brutally hot. That was good news for me because it meant I had all day to mountain bike with the ladies. I had more fun biking than I can ever remember. I can’t really remember what it was like to mountain bike before I had kids, so maybe that was fun too – but since then I have always like the idea of biking, and I have done it, but I always felt like it was something I sort of had to do, and had to be back by a certain time, and I always sort of suffered through it. I don’t know if was the lack of a deadline for my return so Dave could have his turn, or the weather, or the awesomeness of the trail, or the good company, or the fact that maybe the Wii Active 30 day challenge got my legs in shape, or a combination of all of the above, but it was awesome.

Sunday, I met Grandmom and Grandad on I-70 and dropped the kids off with them and they headed to Breckenridge to meet Dave for Sunday night dinner.

Lucy and I headed home for some girl time. More on that tomorrow!

Follow Dave’s progress here.

>Speaking of Sewing Projects: Revisited

>There were some great suggestions that I just sew the zebra blanket onto the new bed, and I have to say that’s a great idea! (Thanks Molly and FoW!) Of course, we had already implemented a MetaMegan style version of that idea.

Busted chewing on a shoe! It’s come to the point that we wander the yard aimlessly searching for lost items before we bother looking in the house. Then we finally ask Jack where stuff is and he tells us.

In other news, today is the start of the big bike ride!!!! Once we finish working, packing, cleaning out the car, packing the car and whatever else, we are going to drop Dave off at the start of the Colorado trail. Good luck Dave!

>Dave’s Bike Ride

>The boys and I successfully completed our role as support crew for the Bailey Hundo. It was a long day, but it was a lot of fun. We mostly just drove around from one aid station to the next and cheered for Dave, and I think we did a great job! It was probably harder to mountain bike the 107 miles on a single speed, but I’ll let Dave tell that story!

>Bailey Hundo

>My husband is soon to be an old man: 40 this year on his birthday. How is he celebrating? Beach vacation? European ski vacation? Weekend getaway with the wife? Big party? Nope. He’s going to bike the Colorado Trail. It’s a 500 mile trail from Denver to Durango.

If that is how Dave plans to celebrate his birthday, you might wonder what he plans to do for Father’s day weekend. The answer is a hundred mile mountain bike race called the Bailey Hundo. The race raises money for worthy causes (Trips for Kids and Colorado High School Cycling League) so if you want to donate, please click here.

Originally we planned to camp somewhere in Bailey, until our Buffalo Creek camping trip this past weekend. After I cleaned up puke for the 5th time (Lucy x2, Jack x3) , and tried to hike with Luke, Jack and Lucy, (they go in 3 different directions and Jack wants to be carried) I started to dread our next trip. I’m not sure how long it takes to race 100 miles on a mountain bike, but I am pretty sure it’s going to take longer than the amount of time I want to spend in a campground with that vomit-prone crew.

Se we are staying in a cabin! Glory be! I am so happy. Since we won’t be camping in the van, I may be able to drive to some of the spectator spots along the race route. I’d love to post updates throughout the day, but I suspect cell phone internet access will be spotty.

In the meantime, follow Dave’s training plan on his blog.

And FYI: I will be running a comment contest in July again this year, and I will be purchasing the prize on our Colorado Trail Vacation.

Go Dave!