Bike Commuting


I posted this picture of Dave taking the kids to school on facebook and now everything thinks Dave is a super hard core bike commuter.  (OK, it’s true, he is.)  But do you know what is missing from this picture?  The bike ride home. See, I planned to go to work that day, but after 30 seconds of scraping off the windshield, I remembered that I can work from home so I went in the house.  Even though I had showered, and was wearing a skirt, and tights.  And I had done my hair.  So what happened later?  Dave took the car to work, and didn’t make it home in time to pick up the kids.  So I hopped on the bike, in a skirt and boots – not winter boots, but cute boots.  Then I pedaled over to the daycare, picked up Jack and his sled, then went to school and picked up Jack.  Yup – super hard core bike commuter, in boots and a skirt.  No pictures to prove it, so you just have to trust me.