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Fancy Breakfast Friday: Rice Muffins


Rice muffins from the Skratch cookbook! I made these while I packed the cooler for our epic biking vacation.  They were so good. Leftover rice, eggs, milk, brown sugar, cinnamon.  With some bacon on the side.  Yum.



CU Technology Fail

  As an unemployed person, it is important for me to have goals.  My goal for September 10th was to get tickets to see Jane Goodall, and then later attend two back to school nights.  Also, go to the gym.  Maybe donate blood.  But really the tickets were the main thing.  Ok, back to school night was the main thing, but if you think attending back to school night at two schools with overlapping schedules is hard, you have no idea what I got into with the Jane Goodall tickets.

A couple weeks ago, I saw that tickets were going on sale on September 10th.  I set a meeting on my calendar with two reminders.  I made sure I was home from the gym (goal accomplished) and in front of the computer at 9:50 for the 10:00 am ticket sale.  (Tickets were free, but you could only get two – I talked Jane Goodall up and down at breakfast to make sure one kid would be really into in and one would feel like they weren’t missing out like the master mother that I am.)

So I was logged in and ready.  I started trying to buy my free tickets at 10:00.  I probably got about 50 error messages before I got through 2 times but the captcha thingy wasn’t accepted.  Then I started trying on my computer and my ipad at the same time.  Sometimes I could choose seats but then there was no “next” button.  Sometimes I got an “Okay” button but then the screen would crash.  I probably chose my seats 30 times only to have the screen time out, or get an error message, or be told the seats were no longer available.  I saw a message  on twitter and facebook that CU was having some technical difficultues after half an hour, but I kept trying until a full hour had passed.  I called the box office and got a message that they were closed.  

I can be determined, but after an hour I decided to try a different tactic.  I rode my bike to Macky and I asked if I could get tickets there at the box office. The guys I talked to said that they were using the same software and having the same problems.  A decision had been made to cancel the sale, and start again Friday at 10:00.  There was an older gentlemen there at the same time who mentioned that the experience had been very frustrating.  (Understatement.)  I asked who was gettting the tickets, since I kept losing the tickets in my cart.  The guy I talked to said, “No one has been able to get a ticket.  The tickets you saw grayed out when you tried to select them were reserved seats.”   He said there were 900 tickets that had been reserved since before the sale started. I left not really believing that because of how many times my seats had disappeared and I was wondering how many seats Macky even had if 900 were reserved.  (2052).

Alas, I’ll try again tomorrow, I thought, as I biked home.  I didn’t get far because my chain fell off and I spent the next hour and 45 minutes pushing my bike home, and then finally almost carrying the 700 lb albatross the last 4 blocks as the chain became wrapped around the back wheel.

So imagine my surprise when I got home and read this on facebook:

“We apologize for the inconsistent communication regarding the Oct. 1 Jane Goodall event. The ticket vendor Vendini experienced technical difficulties during the time of ticket distribution. While the ticketing system was down, we discussed moving ticketing to the following day. Unfortunately, Vendini came back online and did not stop distributing tickets despite our instruction to do so.

Tickets for the Oct. 1 Jane Goodall event are sold out. Options are being explored to expand the audience for the event.”

Yes, i know that they decided to move the even to Coors, which seats a bunch more people.  No, I don’t know when tickets will go on sale.  Yes, I know I should just get a job, and that I should have asked Dave to pick me up in the car instead of walking home like a sweaty weirdo.

Planning Ahead For The Perseids

I’d like you to think that I must be the most organized amateur stargazer/parent-educater/camper out there, because I have spent the last week and a half planning ahead for next year’s Perseid  meteor shower.  It’s 50 weeks away people, haven’t you started planning?!?!  

What actually happened, was that part of the “Last Week At Home With Mom End of Summer Extravaganza” included a spontaneous mid week camping trip to see the meteor shower.  By spontaneous, I mean that I had the idea about a week in advance but I did not make a reservation, or any concrete plans, or even pack until 10 minutes before we left.  Would we even be able to see the meteor shower from our campsite, or if would we be surrounded by tall trees?  I figured with the lake there, we could find a spot on the south side of the lake for some sort of view.   Would we need a reservation in the middle of the week?  I was sure that there would be spots if we left right after Lukes’s doctors appointment at 11:30 am / piano lessons at 3:00 / short track races at 5:00.  Poor Jack competed in the end of short track season short track costume contest and managed not to die of heat exaustion only to be told that even though he was the only person there in a costume, the prizes wouldn’t be awarded until hours later.  (We were so relived to see a pic from later of an adult rider in a very elaborate and fancy costume.)  

We left immediately after short track and stopped for dinner in Nederland.  I told Jack he could pick out whatever breakfast cereal he wanted as a costume contest consolation prize, so after dinner and a trip the the grocery store  we were back on the road and headed for an 8:30 pm arrival time at Brainard Lake.  No campsites!!

No problem I thought, Camp Dick is right around here we’ll see if there are spots available there.  But instead, I started driving to Rainbow Lakes.  It was a long, narrow, bumpy, twisty road, and it was starting to get dark. Jack started to worry about cannibals because of a fantastic and true campfire story that I like to tell about the time we were almost eaten by cannibals.  Once we finally got to the sign that said, “Rainbow Lakes 1.8 miles” I remembered where we were and that we needed a high clearance vehicle to make it the rest of the way.  I know Dave loves me, but I also know that if I wreck the van, our relationship is over.  Still, I thought for a minute about whether we should keep going.  The giant lake in front of us , and the end of my marriage helped me decide to turn around.  Even though the boys offered to walk through the lake to check the depth, it didn’t seem like a good idea in the dark, with cannibals potentially lurking about.

We turned around and started driving back towards home, which, unfortunately was the opposite direction from Camp Dick.  I found a spot where my phone worked and pulled over to call Dave.  While I was talking to him a car pulled over and a guy got out with a giant flashlight and walked slowly over to us.  Slowly enough for Jack to let out a frenzied, “CANNIBAL,CANNIBAL, CANNIBAL!”  I rolled down the window and said, “We’re fine, thanks.”  And he said, with derision, “Then turn on your hazards.”  I thought that was weird because the reason I didn’t turn on my hazards was that I didn’t need anyone to come help me.  (I was in a pull out, way to the side, off the road.)  Anywho, I turned on my hazards and listened to Dave’s suggestions of where there was open camping in Nederland, and I was almost sold on the idea until he said, “Just don’t camp near any herion addicts.  Or, I guess, meth addicts would be worse.”

We had forgotten 3 things on this trip: Pillows, flashlights, and the dog.  We decided we could live without pillows, hoped maybe the flashlights were in there somewhere, and thought not having the dog was actually going to simplify things.  But then I wished she was there to protects us from the cannibals.

Long story short (too late) we went home. 

I woke the boys up at 3:00 am and we went to the park with a blanket and some smore’s goldfish and watched the meteor shower while we tried to stay warm and comfortable on the sidewalk.  

It’s an official “family memory now” but I think I can do a better job next year.

Race Day

ImageI’ve been “kind of” saying that I “might” race for about 2 years now.  But I’m not competitive, so why race?  Or am I so competitive that I don’t want to race because I might lose? What was holding me back from racing today and for the past 2 years?  The 97 degree heat?  The arthritis I have in my hip like a decrepit old lady?  All the crazy/competitive/amazing athletes in this town?  Work?  Housework?  FOBSIL?  (Fear Of Being Seen In Lycra?  I wore my awesome Team Ten20 bibs and jersey, but I was embarrassed to be seen wearing essentially the same thing as everyone else there.  I even told one person I was wearing a skirt over my shorts before the race so people didn’t get intimidated by how fast I looked.)

I kept saying I was going to try to get in better shape before I tried to race.  Because arthritis gets better as you age, right? Next year will be the year!  I talked to my awesome trainer about it, and I was waiting for her to say maybe racing wasn’t a good idea right now. But she said, “Why not race, but just go at 50% and see how it goes?”

Clouds parted, the sun peaked out, angels played harps.  DUH!  Why not just see how it goes?  Why did I have this weird idea that I needed to get better at racing before I could even try racing?

Why not try?

So I raced today, and it was fun!  I rode fast; not as fast as I think I could ride, but much faster than I would ride on a bike ride by myself.

It was hot and dusty, but the course was fun.  I plan to race again.

Professional Cyclists as Role Models

Kids love their sports, and regardless of whether it’s football, baseball, or cycling, kids are going to find role models.   And that is great, because there are so many opportunities for discussion about life choices.  Who doesn’t love those teaching moments?

The crazy thing about being a cycling fan in Boulder, is that you aren’t so much watching the sport from afar as with football and baseball.  Luke races his bike, and one of his cycling coaches was an Olympian.  Professional cyclists race in the same events he does, they cheer for the kids, and he gets to meet cyclists all the time. Luke has ridden with Tommy D, and we know someone who knows  Rory Sutherland.  (We have been huge fans since hours before he won Stage 6 in the USA Pro Cycling challenge. )

Many of my tens of readers (hi Mom! hi Dad! hi Aunt Linda!) may only know of  the cyclist who is on Oprah, but Luke doesn’t watch Oprah, so let’s just be thankful for that.

So, there is a lot to be said for the positive influence of all the cyclists we have met in terms of encouraging Luke, inspiring Luke, and giving Luke real skills and knowledge to perform well in races. But what happens when kids start to emulate lifestyle choices?  Well, I will tell you.

Here is a picture of Luke meeting Alex Howes, who was very friendly and motioned for Luke to come sit next to him and chat when he could see that Luke was shy about approaching him.  Very cool.


Here is Luke two months later.  Eerily similar haircut, don’t you think?


So what happens when Luke idolizes professional cyclists?  He gets more fashionable.  I love it.

Cyclocross Fans


Today was the first cyclocross race of the season where Jack didn’t complain at all. I think it may have to do with the “dirt that felt like peanut butter” that was everywhere.

What Month Is It?


Just kidding, I know what month it is, and I know that I will be 40 three months from yesterday.  And there are a lot of things that need to be crossed off my list before then.  And since I can’t really blog anymore until I pick my comment contest winner from July… the winner is (dun dun dun….) BETH!  Crazy, because she had about 1 comment, and I thought for sure it would be either Jack or Laura, who both had many, many comments.  But as you can see above, I put all the comments in a hat and Luke picked one out, while Jack yelled at him.  The prize is a chocolate bar from Cured, which I purchased in July before the comment contest was over, and have managed not to eat for over 2 months.  (Maybe I don’t still have a list of things I need to accomplish before my big birthday.  Maybe I am in, in fact, already perfect.)  It is especially amazing that I never ate the candy bar, because I am at Cured every Wednesday, picking up my awesome vegetables from my amazing CSA with Isabelle Farm.

The July comment contest winner of last year received her prize (a necklace from the Crazy Horse Memorial gift shop) in her Christmas stocking, so Beth should not be waiting anxiously for her prize.  But I will say that it is in an envelope, and the envelope is addressed, and I did go to the mailing store, in the rain, but the store wasn’t open yet, and that is about as far as I have gotten with this project.

Phew, now that this post is out of the way, I can blog freely and with abandon about the many, many exciting things that go on in my life.  Things such as canning! cooking breakfast! reading! watching soccer! watching cyclocross! procrastinating! crafts! and much more.  Stay tuned.


Here are some new terms, coined by Jack on our camping trip this past weekend.

Aerodymanic:  Jack leans over the handle bars and pedals like mad to become aerodymanic on his bicycle.

Stun-scream: When you sneak up behind Jack to apply sunscreen, he emits a rage-filled stun scream.

Like a Little Rory Calhoun

Saturday was a BIG day in Boulder, with Stage 6 of the USA ProCycling race coming through town and finishing on Flagstaff mountain. Jack and I headed straight to the party, in time for me to come down from my soccer coaching high and relax with a bloody mary before the racers came past our friends’ house. All the kids were making signs for the racers, and 90% of the signs said “RORY”. Now, I have a passing knowledge of cycling, I had watched the rest of the stages, I knew the leader’s names, I know the vocabulary, but we are big Tommy D fans, partly because he’s the only professional cyclist to invite the kids over on Thanksgiving for a bike ride.

So when I saw all the Rory signs, I said what any normal person in my position would say, “Rory Calhoun?” Because I don’t know any other Rorys. The answer, “No, Rory Sutherland. He lives in the neighborhood and so and so babysits his three year old.”

Then Dave showed, saw all the RORY signs and said, “Rory Calhoun?”  And I said, “THANK YOU!” But someone else said, “No, Rory Sutherland.”  I sighed.  I mean, I was at a party that started in the morning, everyone was drinking, everyone was having fun, yet no one was catching my Simpsons reference.  I’m not even sure how that is possible.  Has there been a tear in the space-time continuum?  I thought maybe it was the most obscure Simpsons reference on earth until I googled “like a little Rory Calhoun” and got a million pictures of cats, dogs and babies standing on their hind legs like little Rory Calhouns.

I may never know the answer to this riddle, but I feel better now that I have had this blog catharsis.

But I know who Rory Sutherland is now though, because he won Stage 6.

Rory Sutherland wins stage 6 on Flagstaff Mountain of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge on Saturday, August 25, 2012, outside Boulder, Colorado.For more photos and videos of the race, go to Grassmick  / August 25, 2012

I am glad that I knew his back story before he won the day, and I could say I know someone who knows his baby. Blog readers, that means you have 4 degrees of separation between yourself and Rory Sutherland.   (You -> Me -> Person I know -> Rory’s baby -> Rory Sutherland.)  And I have proof that we were fans before his win, because here are Dave and Jack holding signs, like little Rory Calhouns.