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Fancy Breakfast Friday: Spaghetti Dinner


Last Friday we were on SPRING BREAK!!! WOOOO!!! And we had breakfast at The Creekside Cafe in Steamboat Springs, CO.  We love it and we try to eat there every time we are in town.  That’s a picture of Dave’s breakfast.  I had a cinnamon oat pancake, Speaking of Creekside, the school fundraiser is coming up and I donated 1 fancy breakfast Friday.  I offered to make one of two cakes or any muffin from metamegan.com.  Because of the almost five year spread in ages, we will spend 11 or so years at Creekside, and I count down the time we have left there in spaghetti dinners.  (Three spaghetti dinners to go.)   Since I didn’t make anything last week, and I needed to bring together a list of options for the lucky auction winner I present to you: A Coffee Cake and Muffin Metamegan Retrospective here.  Please feel free to browse these past delicious recipes!

The auction winner can choose one of these:

Aunt Patty’s Coffee Cake

Blueberry Coffee Cake

OR any muffin.  Such as Banana Blueberry, Snowboard Muffins, Activist Muffins, Pumpkin Muffins,  Rice Muffins, The Perfect Muffin, Blueberry Cornmeal Muffins, Blueberry Muffins, Orange Blueberry, Next Level Higbee Muffins or Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins.

Things I did NOT offer to make, but feel like bragging about:

Chocolate Babka!

Liege Waffles

Chocolate Chip Brioche Pretzels

Pop Tarts





Fancy Breakfast Friday: Activist Muffins


I have been taking solace in baking lately.  If I get elbow deep in some dough, I won’t try to read the latest news on my phone.  After I took the boys to see Screenagers last night,  I deleted Facebook and Twitter off of my phone and made a plan to cut way back.  We definitely have a “do as I say, not as I do” situation going on.  Screenagers was a very interesting documentary about screen time, the brain, teenagers, rules, self control, and learning. It was good.

So how did these muffins turn out?  Ok.  I should have soaked the oats in milk longer.  I kind of threw these together and they were actually pretty good, but nothing to write a blog post about.

If you must know... Follow the oatmeal version.

The cake was amazing.

I also made this fancy appetizer for a party, which was in the latest Sunset Magazine.  I recommend making this.


Fancy Breakfast Friday: The Perfect Muffin

DSC07123 (1)I think I have created the perfect muffin for my family.  Texture-wise it was amazing.  It was also yummy, and on the healthy side.  (Sort of.)

I stayed up until incredibly late last Thursday so that the muffins would be ready in the morning because Dave and Jack were going to a baseball tournament in Englewood and Luke and I had to be in Commerce City for his tournament at 7:00 am.  The muffins, as I said, were delicious.  But I somehow managed to forget my coffee, my wallet, my chair, and my camera.  And guess what else?  I had the times wrong.  I thought the games were at 8 and 10 but they were at 8 and noon.  I really could have used coffee, a wallet, a chair and a camera. I finished my book about 5 minutes into the 2.5 hours between games.  It’s weird that I forgot everything since this was about the 7,103,503 baseball game I had attended this season.  No photos of the perfect muffin, because… I was a spaz last week.  But I did bring my camera the second day of the tournament and Jack took this great photo. (above)

At least I packed a bunch of muffins for the games.  (And other food as well for our 9 or so hour day.) This is based on the banana bread recipe from Cooking Light, which I highly recommend.

Perfect Banana Muffins
2 cups all-purpose flour
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
2/3 cup sugar
1/4 cup butter, softened
2 large eggs
3 overripe bananas
1/2 cup  cream top vanilla yogurt ** not low fat
2 Tbs chia seeds (optional)
1/2 cup granola (optional, but so good)

Preheat oven to 350°.  Coat muffin pans with nonstick spray or use liners.
This makes 12 large muffins, or 12 smaller muffins and 12 mini muffins.

Combine the flour, baking soda, and salt, chia seeds, stir with a whisk.
Cream together butter and sugar, add the eggs, 1 at a time.  Scraping down the sides after each addition.

In a separate bowl mash bananas to desired consistency. Add the bananas, yogurt, and vanilla to the sugar/butter/eggs and blend until completely mixed together. Slowly add the flour and mix on low until just blended, don’t over mix.  Last, mix in the granola.

Bake at 350° for 25 minutes (i started checking at 25 minutes but I recall it took significantly longer.) Or until a wooden pick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool 10 minutes in pan on a wire rack; remove from pan. Cool completely on wire rack.


Fancy Breakfast Friday: Ch-ch-ch-CHIA

imageSome of you may know about chia seeds from Gwyneth Paltrow and her ubiquitous site Goop.  You can get great advice there about managing your time – find a place that does your mani at the same time as your pedi!  Time saver!  I think she also invented avocado toast because her cookbook was the first place I read about it. Now it’s sweeping the nation! Chia has also moved more mainstream in the time since I first read about chia pudding in Gwyneth’s cookbook.  .  When you can get organic chia at Costco, it’s gone mainstream.

My knowledge of chia though, goes back much farther.  I’m a fan of kitsch and also a botanist, so the chia pet was basically a match made in heaven for me.  I got one for Christmas one year, maybe when I was in college?  The chia ram.  I loved it for about one chia life cycle and then I kind of lost interest.  At the time, I lived in a very run down house in Athens Ohio, and I had last pick out of 6 bedrooms.  This meant I had the smallest bedroom, but also the only one without carpeting, which made it the least gross.  The bathroom had some seriously thick and absorbant blue carpeting, that later took on a green sheen when I took off a shirt that had chia seeds in the pocket and they spilled everywhere.  The humidity in Athens is pretty high, but in an un-airconditioned bathroom… let’s just say the chia seeds prospered in that carpeting.

Later in life I was given a Jerry Gar-chia head, and it was very cool, but the clay was actually pretty subpar compared to my chia ram. Jerry’s hair was pretty spotty.  At the time I had easy access to chia seeds because I worked for a seed company that packaged chia seeds for the chia pet company.  I had many responsibilities there, but one of them was to be screamed at and belittled by the chia seed company guy. I always imagined him with a bright red face, screaming at the top of his lungs, veins bulging out, shirt straining at the buttons across his beer belly, on the verge of a heart attack.  I wanted to suggest that he switch to a job where lives were at stake and his fury would be justified.  That guy turned me off chia pets for a while.  I did manage to get a giant package of seeds for a friend who was planning to grow a chia coat and be a chia pet for Halloween.  (Idea copywrited.)

This summer, Jack and I found the chia ram in the storage bin, and he asked if I would get some chia seeds.  I said sure, since it’s a golden age of chia and I could probably avoid going through the chia pet company to get them, although I don’t know if the Costco seeds will actually sprout.  (TBD – see future post.)  So now I have a big bag of chia seeds and I am working on ways to use them.  I put some in Jack’s oatmeal and he loved it.  And then I came to today’s recipe!  Blueberry chia seed muffins.

I have been looking for a generic muffin recipe that I could use as a base and I found one at the King Arthur Flour page.  To this recipe, I added 2 tablespoons of chia seeds.  On top of the muffins, I put 4-5 blueberries.  Then I topped it with a cinnamon/vanilla crumb that I had in the freezer form a prior blueberry muffin.

Dave said, “These lemon blueberry poppy seed muffins are delicious.”  I said, “Well there is no lemon, but they are very yellow because I used eggs from the neighbor’s chickens.  And it’s actually chia seeds not poppy seeds.”  He said, “In that case, yuck.  Never mind.”

Jack gets the photo credit today.

Fancy Breakfast Friday: Next Level Higbee Muffins


I went snowboarding one day last week with my friend Laura said she recently had to  defend a delicious breakfast muffin against an accusation that it fell into the realm of the cupcake.  I said, “Tell me more”.  She said, “Well it really was just a white muffin.  Then you dip it in butter and then cinnamon and sugar.”  I was sold, and I knew just the muffin to make.

Many years ago, we decided to make Higbee Muffins for Thanksgiving dinner.  I’ve made them on and off for Thanksgiving since then.  But I always think, “Isn’t this just a frosting short of a cupcake?”  That’s how I knew it would be the perfect muffin for this Fancy Breakfast Friday.  I have one memory of making the famous Cleveland muffins in high school from a recipe in the paper, but no memories of that special trip to Higbees, where you got dressed up, went shopping, and ate the historic muffin.  I used this recipe from Cleveland Magazine titled “Historic Eats” because it sounded legit.  The weird thing to me is that the first time I made these, I swear the top was perfectly smooth.  Ever since I have made only lumpy muffins.  I did find one recipe that called for the butter to be creamed with the sugar instead of melted and I think that’s the difference.  But which recipe is correct?  If you had a famous Higbee Muffin, was it a little lumpy?   For the purpose of this breakfast, lumpy was the way to go because of the added nooks and crannies.

IMG_0710I mixed the dry ingredients the night before.  In the morning I added the eggs and melted butter and baked the muffins.  They cooled a little before the boys got up.  I had melted butter and cinnamon/sugar in pretty dishes and the boys got to dip their muffins in each.  It was fun and different and delicious.  I also halved the recipe so they wouldn’t go stale and/or be eaten to excess.  I just dipped and coated the leftovers and we ate them the next morning.

Muffins were served with orange juice, a side of fruit and a bowl of yogurt.  Thanks for the great idea Laura!!


Fancy Breakfast Friday: Halloween Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

When pinterest was invented, I pinned these muffins and then never made them or looked at pinterest ever again.  But I did eventually make them 3 years later and they are delicious!  The recipe says it makes 12, but for me it made 15.  I was in sort of a rush and I didnt want them to cook too long.  Did you read about all those people who did the apple update on their phone during the night and it turned off their alarms and they were all late for work or missed class?  Well that didn’t happen to me because I never update my phone, but coincidentally, my alarm didn’t go off.  So after all my blustering about only spending an hour on Fancy Breakfast Friday, I only ended up with half an hour the next week.  I made an egg for Luke and muesli for Jack to eat while they waited for their muffins.  Jack said it was the best Fancy Breakfast Friday ever, for the third week in a row.

The rest of the muffins were eaten during our hundred activites over the weekend.  They even got left in the car over night in a tupperware and were still delcious and moist on Sunday.

I feel the need to step up my game for next week because I am not sure these are really “fancy” so we’ll see what I come up with next.