Fancy Breakfast Friday: Activist Muffins


I have been taking solace in baking lately.  If I get elbow deep in some dough, I won’t try to read the latest news on my phone.  After I took the boys to see Screenagers last night,  I deleted Facebook and Twitter off of my phone and made a plan to cut way back.  We definitely have a “do as I say, not as I do” situation going on.  Screenagers was a very interesting documentary about screen time, the brain, teenagers, rules, self control, and learning. It was good.

So how did these muffins turn out?  Ok.  I should have soaked the oats in milk longer.  I kind of threw these together and they were actually pretty good, but nothing to write a blog post about.

If you must know... Follow the oatmeal version.

The cake was amazing.

I also made this fancy appetizer for a party, which was in the latest Sunset Magazine.  I recommend making this.