>Bailey Hundo

>My husband is soon to be an old man: 40 this year on his birthday. How is he celebrating? Beach vacation? European ski vacation? Weekend getaway with the wife? Big party? Nope. He’s going to bike the Colorado Trail. It’s a 500 mile trail from Denver to Durango.

If that is how Dave plans to celebrate his birthday, you might wonder what he plans to do for Father’s day weekend. The answer is a hundred mile mountain bike race called the Bailey Hundo. The race raises money for worthy causes (Trips for Kids and Colorado High School Cycling League) so if you want to donate, please click here.

Originally we planned to camp somewhere in Bailey, until our Buffalo Creek camping trip this past weekend. After I cleaned up puke for the 5th time (Lucy x2, Jack x3) , and tried to hike with Luke, Jack and Lucy, (they go in 3 different directions and Jack wants to be carried) I started to dread our next trip. I’m not sure how long it takes to race 100 miles on a mountain bike, but I am pretty sure it’s going to take longer than the amount of time I want to spend in a campground with that vomit-prone crew.

Se we are staying in a cabin! Glory be! I am so happy. Since we won’t be camping in the van, I may be able to drive to some of the spectator spots along the race route. I’d love to post updates throughout the day, but I suspect cell phone internet access will be spotty.

In the meantime, follow Dave’s training plan on his blog.

And FYI: I will be running a comment contest in July again this year, and I will be purchasing the prize on our Colorado Trail Vacation.

Go Dave!


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  1. molly

    >How weird. After all of that preface, I thought you were going to say you were staying home!!!Cabins! What a concept!!

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