>Like Dis

>This conversation just happened during a pre-nap diaper change:

Me: Hey we are camping this weekend, so you can just pee on a tree when you need to go to the bathroom.
Jack: I want to pee on a pink tree! Cuz a pink tree is so bootiful. And I could pee on it. Like dis: Peeeeeeeeeeee. And there might be lions there. In the forest. And we could pet them. Like dis: Pet, pet, pet, pet. But you’d say no. And I’d be a baby lion. And you’d be a momma lion. And we could punch each other like dis: punch, punch, punch. Ow! It’s OK. Punch, punch. And storm troopers would come and we’d be on our speeders.

It sort of reminds me of a conversation we had earlier:

Me: Oh, lucky you. It looks like you get to go to the reservoir this summer with daycare!
Jack: I don’t want to go der! Der’s dinosaurs der. And dey might roar at me. Like dis: ROAR! Or dey might stomp der feet at me. Like dis: Stomp stomp stomp.

Also like a conversation we had the other day about Carrie Ann.

Jack: I say, “Can I have more guacamole?” And Carrie-Ma’am says “No.” And then I say, “May I please have more guacamole?” And Carrie-Ma’am says, “Yes you may.” And I get chips too! And I eat the guacamole like dis: Chomp chomp chomp.


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  1. Aurora Sisneros

    >Your child is: ADORABLE.PS – the little security word below required to post this also rhymes with 'stomp stomp stomp' and 'chomp chomp chomp': "kromp". I don't think that is coincidence.

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