Good Eye

Yes, I started this blog post with a title of “Good Eye” and it’s not even going to be about baseball.  We have been living and breathing baseball these days, and so last night, on a rare night off, I was able to walk around the block with Jack, as he practiced riding his bike.  (With training wheels.)  When we turned the first corner, I saw that the clouds were a slightly faded pink, we had missed the best of the sunset, but it was still very pretty.

Me: Jack, look at those clouds.

Jack: Wow!  Those are beautiful! I want to touch them!  I bet they feel squishy.  I want to taste them.

Me: What do you think they taste like?  Cotton Candy?  (So cliche! So unhealthy! Try again.)  Um, or maybe strawberries?

Jack: I bet they taste like rain.

Then he looked up at me and said, “Good eye Mama.  Really great job, noticing those clouds.”

I thanked him.