When You’re With Grandma, Call Me Maybe

Before anyone gets on my case for being the last person to do a Call Me Maybe thing, let me just preface this by saying, I don’t care, and it’s the least of my worries.

My first instinct in telling this story was to defend myself for even knowing the song at all. I don’t know why I still feel embarrassed to admit that I am not someone who knows or cares a lot about music. And by that I mean, I am someone who knows (knows is a strong word…) and cares a lot about music, but I don’t know about it until I hear about it on NPR. I said it OK, I get my pop culture from NPR. I can remember a very liberating moment in high school when I just decided to sing along in the car to some top 40. I got the side eye from some curious but silently supportive friends; but there were also sneers, and I was mocked. (There were a lot of people in the car, my parents had a mini van and no one else ever drove.) Regardless, it was a victory for me. Yes, I like pop. The sweet freedom of a hot summer night where I could stop pretending I didn’t know all the words to the song on the radio, and I could drive my friends somewhere and then be home by curfew. Sweet, sweet freedom. And my friends, or Hüsker Düfuses as I like to think of them in retrospect, were very cool. And they did not listen to pop music. Don’t get me wrong, I checked to see if Bob Mould was playing in Denver and was sad that he wasn’t. But I didn’t hear about his tour from whatever the first source of music information is. I read about the facebook pages of my cool high school friends.  So what I am saying here, is that I still feel the occasional shame at my lack of music snobbery.  But I am enjoying this short slice of time before Luke discovers a world beyond pop music.

Where was I going with this? Luke flew to Ohio by himself this week to see Grandma and Grandpa. Talk about burying the lede, right!? I wanted him to call me so I made up a mnemonic device to remind him:

I’m your mama,
You’re still my baby.
When you’re at Grandma’s
Call Me Maybe!
Luke isn’t much of a phone talker, so I have had the great pleasure to overhear some conversations from Jack’s side. They go like this.

What are you doing?
What is Grandma doing?
What is Grandpa doing?
What is the dog doing?
Ask me about my day.
Ask me who I played with.
I played with Conner and we taught some kids how to break dance.
Ask me what I am doing now.
I’m talking to you on the phone!
What are you doing?
What did you talk about while I was gone?
Didn’t you hear me say that I needed to go potty when you were talking to daddy?
Well, what were you talking about while I was in the bathroom?


And scene.


Here is Jack waiting to facetime his brother.



4 thoughts on “When You’re With Grandma, Call Me Maybe

  1. Laura

    or you could say you know that song because daybreak news(http://kwgn.com/) always has the day’s viral video. which is usually ‘call me maybe’ with somebody’s gross toes dancing on the car ceiling – and I think 15 seconds is fine, do people really watch the whole amateur on youtube?
    ..music snobbery… yeah, I hung out in the record store in highschool, but now I blast Madonna with the windows down! not up! down! take that, Bob Mould!
    IM me maybe.

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