Boulder Cup

Check out these two kids strategizing before the race:

I like this picture of the start because Luke told me his strategy was to never look behind you. He must have been getting it out of the way ahead of time.

And here is the start – Luke is number nine, sponsored by SpongeBob.

Here is Luke right before he got his jersey signed by Tom Danielson. Does that mean I can’t wash that jersey? It was in sharpie. I jokingly said I would embroider over the signature because he really doesn’t want me to wash it. Problem: Luke only has two jerseys and the other one is small enough that Jack can also wear it.  Problem number 2: I do not know how to embroider.

I was wondering who that lady was that Luke was talking to in the picture, but then I realized it was me. I never wear baseball hats so I didn’t recognize myself.

And hey, look who came in third!

I chose this picture because you can see the Valmonster sticker on Luke’s bike. We sure do love Valmont Bike Park!

I’ve been checking for pictures, and I found this great collection. Much better than the ones I took with my iphone.

Thanks !!!


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