>Friday Night

Originally, this post was about the costumes that Jack was wore on Friday (pirate), Sunday (fireman) and Monday (Power Ranger). But this is the only picture from Friday, and as you can see, “pirate” was just one of many layers.

The short version of this new post is: That’s my purse wrapped in a plastic bag in the basket of my bike.

Long version? The plan for Friday night was to bike to the CU Homecoming parade, then drop Luke off at a birthday party at the bowling alley on campus, then bike to Pearl Street and have dinner, then bike back to get Luke, hang out, and then bike home. It was a great plan, a plan that I LOVED. Until it started raining. Then I started thinking… you know what would be fun? Laundry. Laundry, and wine. Drive to campus… drop off Luke, etc. I floated the idea but Dave ignored me and continued to pack layers of clothes for the boys.

We were all in the garage getting on bikes when it really started to pour. Dave said it was never going to work, but I convinced him we should just ride our bikes to a parade in a downpour. (Or else, he possibly used reverse psychology to convince me to go. I know I yelled something like, “No, I want to stay home and do laundry, but I am being a good sport so LET’S GO!”) We thought it was raining hard when we left the house but it got worse. Just as one of our friends was thinking to herself, “I must be completely insane to be biking home in this,” she saw us coming in the opposite direction and cracked up.

Once we got to the parade, it stopped raining and the rest of the night went as planned, and was very fun. And the next morning, I got to brag about how hard core I am. I ran into a friend on Saturday morning and told her about our adventure. She said. “Wow! You guys are hard core!” I said, “Ummmmm…” And she said, “I mean, your guy is hard core.” But I am a good sport.


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