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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  I spent the holiday on a beach in Mexico, and it was the best, I highly recommend it.  But now I am suffering in the cold, not used to working, or moving, or wearing clothing other than a bathing suit.  Alas.  It’s time to start 2013, since we are already 10 days in.  And what a coincidence – last year my resolutions were all about 10.  How did I do?

  • 10 pies – Accomplished!!!!  Plum, apple, keylime, chocolate, snickers, peach, cherry/blueberry, cherry, plum, apple tart and 1 other that I can’t be bothered to research right now.
  • 10 science experiments – Um, yes, accomplished!
  • 10 blog posts per month – FAIL!    I counted 43 blog posts, not 120.
  • 10 crafts – In addition to doing my crazy craft day with Jack, I also finally made two aprons that I had meant to make the year before, so that was a success.

So, I didn’t write a lot in 2012, but I did do a lot.  We spent a week skiing and snowboarding in Steamboat, we watched a lot of baseball (I think Luke played 60 games?), we went to Arkansas, we spent 5 days mountain biking in Fruita, we spent a week in Ohio, and we went to Mexico.    I read 34 books, with only about a third of them being young adult books, so that isn’t bad either.

This year I have made 1 official resolution:  write.

I plan to write every day, for the entire year.  My minimum is a page in my journal, but I hope to average at least one blog post a week, and maybe do some work on that book that is languishing on my computer.

Other tinier, resolutions, or more accurately, “things I am considering doing” are:

Ride my bike more -(average at least an hour a week in strava)

Ride a century?  Maybe, we’ll see.

Read 40 books.

I feel like I need to add something food related.  Have 10 dinner parties?  Ten seems like a lot.  Maybe 1 dinner party per season.  That seems easy and doable.

OK – world, now you know my plans.

Happy New Year!






New Years Resolution Status:
10 pies – 5 down ( 2 plums, 1 cherry blueberry, 1 straight cherry, and a chocolate pie) 4 to go
10 science experiments – 4 down, 6 to go (no change from last month)
10 blog posts per month – I have a 6 post deficit for February, so now I am 8 posts behind.
10 crafts – 0 crafts this month, 10 to go.

Last month I did a little something different, where I wore a pedometer every day and I tried to get 10,000 steps a day.


As you can maybe see from my blurry picture, I managed 290,443 for the month, so I did make it to my goal!  Two things I learned about myself: I barely move on Sundays, and I get a lot more exercise when I work from the office than from home.  Also, I do not like to fail at my goals so I definitely started to skimp on strength training in order to get all my steps in.  I need a new workout goal for March because, “Oh no! I have to be lounging in a hot tub in a bathing suit for spring break” has so far gotten me nowhere.  Possibly because the thought just occurred to me a few seconds ago.

End of January

I didn’t make any exercise related resolutions this year and that is because exercise resolutions are boring.  Right?  Who wants to hear, “blah blah blah, blah blah blah”?  Exactly.  I guess interest levels may rise, if people were getting hit in the face though, right?

For instance, I take a crazy “intervals” class at the gym, and on Monday, we did a crazy thing and then craziness ensued.  (That was my first attempt to explain the class. Now trying a second time.)  We were all standing on these exercise disks (to work your core as you try to balance) and we were in a circle, and every other person had a 4 pound medicine ball.  You had to throw it to the person on your left, then turn and catch one from the person on your right.  If anyone dropped the ball, the whole class had to do 8 push ups.  So how did that go?  Well, I threw my ball to the person on the left, and then turned to the right.  Did I catch it?  Yes!  After I was hit in the face, I caught it.  And I didn’t even fall off my my balance disk.  Did I die of embarrassment?  Yes!  This was in no way my fault, and the instructor and the person who threw a four pound ball into my nose were both horrified.  But I just had a strange feeling of, “This does not surprise me at all.”  Of course, this is the class where on my first day, I tripped, and tried to catch myself for almost the entire length of the room before I finally landed on the floor.

Hmm, what else?  There was a newspaper reporter at one of the classes I took, writing the “workout of the week” article.  And in the paper, there was a giant picture of the class.  I’m the one that looks like I am just standing there, confusedly.

And speaking of New Years Resolutions, remember my whole “10” thing?  Well I decided I would wear my pedometer for the month of February and make sure to get 10,000 steps a day.  So today, when the kids were in bed and I was ready to start watching Downton Abby, I saw that I had 2000 steps to go.  I almost blew it off and just laid down on the couch, but then I thought, you can’t give up on the very first day!  It’s the shortest month, how hard can it be to do something every day in February!  Come on!  So I got Lucy, and I put on my puffy coat and my hat and mittens, and we went for a walk.  During my walk I realized two things.  1.) It’s a leap year, which means I need to take 290,000 steps instead of 280,000.  2.) February doesn’t actually start till tomorrow.

New Years Resolution Status:
10 pies – 1 down (plum) 9 to go
10 science experiments – 4 down, 6 to go
10 blog posts per month – This makes 8, 2 to go.  I may have to make up for it next month
10 crafts – 0 crafts this month, 10 to go.

National Pie Day


Did you know that today was (in)ternational pie day?  Seems like it would be on March 14th, but that’s because I am a nerd.  Regardless, today was a good day for Team Pie.  Luke asked if I was going to join team pie, and I said, “Sure, why not?  It’s Pie Day.”  Then Jack started sobbing, so I had to renew my allegiance to Team Cake.  Either way, I have 10 pies to bake this year, so today was a good day to start.

I was secretly hoping that Luke was going to hear that it was Pie Day at school, then come home to surprise me with the news, only to find a pie cooling on the counter.  But I guess it’s also Chinese New Year?  Oh well.  Oh, and the pie was still in the oven, and I was heading out for a girl’s night out, so I had to tell him how to do the milk and sugar glaze and then I headed out.

Long story short – I made a rustic plum pie, because I had some local  plums that our neighbor had shared with us this summer, and there was such a bumper crop that I froze a bunch.  But that’s a story for another post.  I made two changes to the recipe: I used only 1 T of lemon juice because I was afraid it would be too tart, and I used half brown sugar instead of all white because I ran out of sugar, if you can believe that.  AND I didn’t measure the plums.

It’s very delicious.


Has everyone been dying to know what my new year’s resolutions are?  (Were? Is it past tense already?)   First let’s check in with my Resolutions for 2011 and see how I did.

  • organizing my entire life – NO
  • doing something a little different at work – YES
  • starting a new exercise program – YES
  • training my dog to be absolutely perfect – NO
  • crafting – NO
  • becoming an expert baker and cook – NO
  • finding a religion – NO
  • making more time for my family – Maybe
  • keeping track of my camera, phone, glasses, ipod and wallet for an entire year straight – YES

Actually, that’s not that bad.  The first resolution I came up with for this year was “Become Awesome.”  But that seems sort of hard to measure, and let’s face it, redundant.  (That may sound sort of cocky, but I told someone that resolution before New Years and they sort of berated me for not being more self confident.  I have been berated into acknowledging my awesomeness.)

So, what to resolve?  I am a big resolution maker, especially since my birthday and the new year go sort of hand in hand, like New Year’s Eve and Hangovers.

I’m usually in a juice cleanse frame of mind when I do  my resolutions, so they are always sort of boring, lame, or delirious (see above.)  Meanwhile, my loving husband makes really fun resolutions.  Last year he resolved to catch a fish each month.   He’s off biking to the creek to catch a fish in December and while I try to remember how many pounds I was going to lose last year.  So I decided to take a page out of his book this year and resolve to do something fun.  The first thing I came up with was to bake 10 pies this year.  I didn’t want to go with once a month, so 10 seemed reasonable.  Plus that will make Luke happy and make me a better baker.  Did I stop there?  No, then I thought, “and I’ll do 10 crafts! and 10 science experiments with the kids out of their science book!!! and 10 BLOG POSTS PER MONTH! AND I’LL RUN A 10K!!!”  Then I thought I should make something related to work, and then I thought I should come up with 10 things that I was going to do 10 of for an even 100 things this year, and then I sort of felt the whole thing unraveling, and then I got writer’s block and then and then and then.

So here is the official list:

  • 10 pies
  • 10 science experiments
  • 10 blog posts per month
  • 10 crafts

Other things optional.

P.S.  Speaking of 10, it’s the 10th.  Yes, I am crazy.  Wait for my list of 40 things to do before I turn 40.

Happy New Year!