Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  I spent the holiday on a beach in Mexico, and it was the best, I highly recommend it.  But now I am suffering in the cold, not used to working, or moving, or wearing clothing other than a bathing suit.  Alas.  It’s time to start 2013, since we are already 10 days in.  And what a coincidence – last year my resolutions were all about 10.  How did I do?

  • 10 pies – Accomplished!!!!  Plum, apple, keylime, chocolate, snickers, peach, cherry/blueberry, cherry, plum, apple tart and 1 other that I can’t be bothered to research right now.
  • 10 science experiments – Um, yes, accomplished!
  • 10 blog posts per month – FAIL!    I counted 43 blog posts, not 120.
  • 10 crafts – In addition to doing my crazy craft day with Jack, I also finally made two aprons that I had meant to make the year before, so that was a success.

So, I didn’t write a lot in 2012, but I did do a lot.  We spent a week skiing and snowboarding in Steamboat, we watched a lot of baseball (I think Luke played 60 games?), we went to Arkansas, we spent 5 days mountain biking in Fruita, we spent a week in Ohio, and we went to Mexico.    I read 34 books, with only about a third of them being young adult books, so that isn’t bad either.

This year I have made 1 official resolution:  write.

I plan to write every day, for the entire year.  My minimum is a page in my journal, but I hope to average at least one blog post a week, and maybe do some work on that book that is languishing on my computer.

Other tinier, resolutions, or more accurately, “things I am considering doing” are:

Ride my bike more -(average at least an hour a week in strava)

Ride a century?  Maybe, we’ll see.

Read 40 books.

I feel like I need to add something food related.  Have 10 dinner parties?  Ten seems like a lot.  Maybe 1 dinner party per season.  That seems easy and doable.

OK – world, now you know my plans.

Happy New Year!





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