New Years Resolution Status:
10 pies – 5 down ( 2 plums, 1 cherry blueberry, 1 straight cherry, and a chocolate pie) 4 to go
10 science experiments – 4 down, 6 to go (no change from last month)
10 blog posts per month – I have a 6 post deficit for February, so now I am 8 posts behind.
10 crafts – 0 crafts this month, 10 to go.

Last month I did a little something different, where I wore a pedometer every day and I tried to get 10,000 steps a day.


As you can maybe see from my blurry picture, I managed 290,443 for the month, so I did make it to my goal!  Two things I learned about myself: I barely move on Sundays, and I get a lot more exercise when I work from the office than from home.  Also, I do not like to fail at my goals so I definitely started to skimp on strength training in order to get all my steps in.  I need a new workout goal for March because, “Oh no! I have to be lounging in a hot tub in a bathing suit for spring break” has so far gotten me nowhere.  Possibly because the thought just occurred to me a few seconds ago.