Turns Out My Mom Isn’t Going Deaf After All

I like to talk to my mom on the phone about once a week.  We talk about her wonderful grandchildren, books we are reading, movies, current events, world politics, life etc.  But for the last few months, all our conversations have gone like this.

MetaMegan:And now I am going to tell you about why you are the best mom ever.

MetaMegansMom: Hello?

MetaMegan: I’m still here.  So, what I was saying was

MetaMegansMom: HELLO?  MEGAN?  HELLOOOOOOOO?  Hello?  HELLOOOOOO!!!!  Hello?

MetaMegan:  Ugh.  Mom.  I can hear you.

MetaMegansMom:  HELLLLOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

MetaMegan: Click.

So, now that I am forced to use my phone for work sometimes other people call me besides my mom.  (Yep.  I only talk to my mom and people from work.)  And now I know that the speaker on my phone just stops working halfway through a call.  Because now I have conversations where the person says stuff like this, “OK, I can’t hear you anymore so I am just going to tell you what I need to tell you and then hang up.”

I’ve been to the apple store once, the AT&T store once, and today I head back to the apple store.  Wish me luck!

Sorry Mom!




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