Fancy Breakfast Friday: Croissants


Three years ago, as a way to distract me from my flooded house misery, my friend Laura took me to a croissant making class at Sur La Table.  It was so fun.  I knew I wasn’t going to make croissants any time soon after that, with the boys sleeping in the office and the living room full of everything from the basement.  Who has time for croissants while tearing out dry wall?  But it was a nice little carrot to dangle in front of myself for that day in the future when the house was back to normal.  I didn’t think it would take three years, and I definitely bought some fancy butter this summer with high hopes that it would turn itself into croissants.  But I finally did it!  I was intimidated by the time commitment and it does take a long time, but it’s not too complicated or hard to do.

There are plenty of recipes out there, or consider taking a class!  Because I am not going to rewrite the 3 page recipe.  I will say this – there was a technique from the class that I did not remember until I was rolling one of the last croissants and it was this:  Once you have the triangle cut, make a little tear in the base of the triangle.  The pull the dough until it has the shape of the eiffel tour.  Once it is stretched like that, you can roll it into a bigger croissant with more layers.


The other trick that I figured out was how to get all the many hours of work done before 7:00 am.  The trick is this: I didn’t.  First I made the dough up to the step where it needs to be rolled out and shaped.  At that point it it supposed to be refrigerated for 2-24 hours.  But no more than 24 hours or else the yeast will give it a bad taste.  Well I didn’t read that part until it had been in the fridge for 2 days.  Then I traded Fancy Breakfast Friday for Fancy Friday afternoon snack.  I got up in the morning, rolled, shaped, and set the dough to rise for 3 hours while I ran errands.  Then I baked the croissants and went snowboarding at Eldora.  I got home with 30 seconds to spare before the bus arrived and I was making the ganache as kids walked in the door.


The best part is that the croissants don’t last forever, but they do freeze.  So I put two bags in the freezer to defrost and warm in the oven for Christmas when Grandma and Grandpa are here.  I said, “The best part is that we can have croissants on Christmas!” And Jack said, “No, we always have scones on Christmas.”  So the best part is, we can have croissants the day after or the day before Christmas!!!


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  1. laura

    I’ve been dying to read this post since you told me about the croissants at cookie-Sunday. Your croissants look amazing. I remember when I posted my handmade croissants with a word about the process and Carolyn P replied, ‘You know you can get those at Trader Joe’s’. so I have become lazy. But the Sur La Table recipe is definitely superior. Also, I have let the dough in the refridge for more than 24 hours. I happen to like that sort of yeast taste. I think authentic baguettes have a bit of that tang.

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