Fancy Breakfast Friday: Black Friday


Starting the day before Jack’s birthday and continuing until Thanksgiving, I made a batch of cookies, three cakes, three Thanksgiving sides and we hosted a taco party/piano recital at our house.  So, I was thinking of taking a Fancy Breakfast Friday off.  But then I had a better idea!!! Delegate.  We still have to eat, right?

As Dave says, when in doubt, make a bagel supreme.  That is what is pictured above.  Yum! Dave makes an excellent bagel supreme.

Then went out to breakfast with the kids to one of our fave spots.  Dots.  I had a latte.


And just because I have to have at least one thing to brag about, here is the cake I made for Jack’s birthday.


It’s called the Game of Thrones Cake.  I have now officially perfected it.  Although, I did try to rush the last few steps and my chocolate swords started to melt.  I had to put the rest of it together outside and hope for the best.

I used this recipe in a bundt pan at 350 for 55-60 minutes.  Maybe a smidge too long.  I cut the cocoa a bit because it literally calls for more than what normally comes in a tin.  And I wasn’t going to send Dave back a second time for more.  I’ll do a Game of Thrones Cake tutorial before the next season comes out.





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