You Know You Are a Flooded Boulderite If…

You forgot to pick up your CSA

You picked up your CSA, but then just dumped the whole thing in the crisper… Including the tomatoes

You used paper plates for a couple days, and didn’t feel guilty until a week later

Some recycling got mixed in with your trash from the flood

You never got around to pickling that okra

You can’t do yoga until you sanitize your yoga mat (flood pathogens)

You still went for a run, just tried to avoid the mudslides

You judged people for going for a run, when they could have been running stuff out of your basement

You aren’t sure how to get to work now because all the bike paths are flooded

Your scientist friend stopped by to take samples

You really have the best friends and neighbors

You feel lucky to be alive


3 thoughts on “You Know You Are a Flooded Boulderite If…

  1. Laura

    that was wonderful. but I still miss Bean, because he would have been in this one somewhere. possibly eating flood detrius?

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