Fancy Breakfast Friday: French Toast


I’m trying to take it easy this holiday season.  I am not sending out cards, and I am bought cinnamon bread at Trader Joe’s last week.  I thought the Trader Joe’s bread would make delicious French Toast, and I took the easy route with that too.  I thought it was amazing.  Luke liked it, Jack thought it was bland and too hard to cut.  In his defense, I maybe overcooked it, but I like a sturdy toast.  We did have another slight problem – we ran out of syrup.  The boys all love Log Cabin Syrup, but I keep a secret supply of real maple syrup in case a recipe calls for it, or as a decoy in case someone comes over that may judge me for having Log Cabin instead of the real deal.  This came in handy when the Log Cabin well ran dry.  Still.  This wasn’t one of Jack’s faves.


Baked French Cinnamon Toast

8 slices Trader Joes Cinnamon bread.
3 eggs
1 cup milk
1 T brown sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla

Preheat oven to 450
Put sheet pan in oven for 5 minutes to preheat.
Mix all the ingredients except for the eggs

Once pan in preheated, spray with non stick spray.  Dip bread in the egg mixture and place on sheet.  Bake 5-7 minutes per side.  Serve with a sprinkle of sugar and syrup and with a side of bacon, fruit, and maybe some yogurt.

I recommend this for a cold morning when you want to spend more time with the crossword puzzle than baking in the kitchen.



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    No cards? I always love your fun and creative cards!!! The French toast looks good. I have always loved French toast. My kids don’t. Where did I go wrong?

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