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Fancy Breakfast Friday: Bunny and Lamb


Last week I was pretty busy with my Lamb Cake entry into my family’s #lambofgosh contest.  As you can surely see, I won the Martha Stewart award for beauty, perfection, and showboating.  Thank you.  (There were 8 other award winning cakes.) Next year, I will have a lamb cake tutorial before Easter, but between now and then, I really need to figure out how to make the cake.  It’s still a major trial and error.  I have had two successful cakes and two massive failures.  I want to make the cake from scratch, but after this year’s disaster, I used Duncan Hines white cake.  For the icing I used a recipe I have for Swiss Buttercream.  Details next year!

Due to the Lamb Cake of 2017, no thought went into FBF last week, but we did eat the lamb cake head before we hit the road for a camping trip.  But I DID put some thought into camping Easter breakfast, and I got the other family we were camping with to work with me on this beautiful creation (idea from A Beautiful Mess):


My friend Ryan made the heads and bodies and I made the feet and ears, and did the assembly.  Coincidentally we both used Krusteaz mix — just add water.  I don’t even measure because the ratios on the box are very weird.  I just dump the mix in a bowl and then add water until I get the consistency I am looking for.

Today is a very exciting day because I donated a Fancy Breakfast to the school spaghetti dinner fundraiser.  I won’t be there, which is good because I will be very mad if it goes for $5.  I told Luke to up the bid to at least $20.  Good luck out there at the silent auction, people!

Here’s one more picture of my cake:





Fancy Breakfast Friday: Sweet Corn Cakes


Did I forget to take a picture of the corn cakes? Yes I did.  Plan b was to take a picture of Luke eating the one leftover on a lift ride but I did not share this plan with him and he ate it before we even got out of the car.

This recipe is based heavily on Feed Zone Portables: A cookbook For On The Go Athletes.

It’s like a regular pancake recipe if you use an alternate flour, soy milk instead of regular milk, coconut oil instead of butter and so on.  I happen to have coconut oil as a homeopathic treatment method.  I’ll leave it at that.  (It’s for treating lice.)  And I have rice flour because my Christmas shortbread recipe calls for it.  I have a ton of Masa Harina from when I tried to make my own tortillas.

These corn cakes were so delicious.  I want to take the recipe and make it into a muffin recipe and save myself the time at the stove flipping pancakes, but I’m not there yet.  If I made them again for breakfast, I might cut back on the sugar and serve them with syrup.  But as a snack for school or cycling, they were so yummy.  I doubled the recipe and we had enough for breakfast with a side of bacon, then the boys each took one or two for a snack at school and we had one left for a snowboarding snack.  The recipe below is the non-doubled version and it says it serves 4.

Sweet Corn Cakes

1 cup masa harina
1/4 cup raw sugar (I just used regular sugar)
2 tablespoons rice flour (recipe calls for brown rice flour, I used white rice flour)
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
dash of kosher salt
1 egg
2 tablespoons melted butter or coconut oil
1 cup milk (recipe calls for soy, I used whole cows milk)

Mix dry ingredients
Put milk in a measuring glass, and beat egg into it.  Add melted butter or coconut oil.  Mix the wet ingredients into the dry and allow the batter to rest while you heat up a griddle.
Cook these as pancakes, but plan a little lower temp and a little longer cook time.


Fancy Breakfast Friday: My Go-To Pancakes


I’ve made these pancakes for Fancy Breakfast Friday before, but I never shared the recipe.  The reason I made something as standard and boring as pancakes is that I have had an ongoing buttermilk situation.  I know I have complained about King Soopers before but here I go again.  They have goat, soy, almond, cow, banana, chocolate, coconut, cashew and probably more types of milk.  But last time I looked for buttermilk they didn’t have any.  The dairy guy said, “You know, you can just add a splash of lemon or vinegar…”  And I said, “I KNOW! I’m the queen of making fake buttermilk.  But when I plan ahead and I’m at the store, it’s because I want ACTUAL buttermilk.”  But I said it very nicely.

This time I did find some, but all they had was a half gallon.  Has anyone ever needed more than a pint of buttermilk? No.  So I used buttermilk in the biscuits last week.  I had halved that recipe, so that left me with half a gallon minus 1.5 cups.  To use a bit more, I tripled this pancake recipe that I usually double.  (The next day I made cornbread with some more of the buttermilk and I still need to use the rest assuming it hasn’t gone bad.)

Here is the basic recipe – this is for one small batch of pancakes – I always double it, sometimes triple it.  This is adapted from Simply Colorado, which was a wedding shower gift.  (It’s old.)

My Go To Pancake

1 cup buttermilk or yogurt.  (The yogurt makes it very think.  If I use yogurt I double the recipe and do half milk/half yogurt.)
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup whole wheat flour (when I tripe I do 2 cups whole wheat and 1 cup all purpose flour)
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
optional blueberries

Add all dry ingredients to a bowl and mix with a fork.

Measure the milk in a measuring cup that is larger than the amount of milk you are using.  Crack the egg into the measuring cup and stir well with a fork.

Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and stir with the fork until just mixed.  Allow to rest for a second while you heat the griddle.

I make these pancakes in a smiley face skillet.  Using a ladle I fill each face with batter and put a spoon full of frozen blueberries on top.  When the edges look cooked and bubbles are rising I flip the pancake onto another heated skillet.  There is no way I could accurately flip the pancakes onto the faces in the skillet.  So my smiley pancakes are one sided.  This actually makes it go a lot faster since I have two skillets cooking pancakes at once.

My other pancake secret is that I keep them warm on a plate in the microwave.  This is great in the summer when you want  warm pancakes, but you don’t want the oven heating up the house.  This is a trick I learned from Dave.

These pancakes were loved by all, and eaten all weekend, sometimes as a pancake and peanut butter sandwich.  Sometimes toasted. Sometimes just at room temperature like a piece of delicious bread.

If you are looking for a trip down memory lane, please feel free to read this description of Luke’s first day of kindergarten.   It came up when I was searching my blog for “pancake”.

Fancy Breakfast Friday: A New Pancake Recipe

I bought the cookbook, Breakfast: Recipes to Wake Up For with some of my Christmas/Birthday Amazon money and the first thing I made was the pancake recipe.  These pancakes rely more on eggs than bking soda/baking power – so they are a little thinner and a little eggier.  It also has a ton more vanilla than most recipes I have used.  If I had to put these on the spectrum between pancake and crepe, they’d be just 10% off the middle towards the pancake side.  They were a hit.  I might play around with substitutin some of the flour for whole wheat next time though.  We’ll see.