Fancy Breakfast Friday: Buttermilk Waffles


Last Friday we had big plans to snowboard at Copper so I rescheduled FBF for New Years Day.  I mean, no one knows what day it is over winter break anyway.  We had fondue for New Years Eve, as you can see from the uncleared table in the pic above.  I told the fam to go easy on the chocolate so we’d have some for breakfast.  For some reason, that sounded like a healthy choice at the time.

I got a new waffle maker for Christmas (THANKS AUNT SUZY) and I made this Smitten Kitchen recipe for our New Years Day breakfast.  They were delicious.  My favorite waffle recipe is still the Liege Waffle, but I had buttermilk so I wanted to try something different. They were really yummy. A little complicated with extra steps but pretty worth it.  I served the waffles with leftover chocolate fondue that I warmed in a double boiler, and strawberries that had been sliced and mixed with sugar.

Jack was awestruck to see his.  We had delicious waffles and then headed to Eldora to try out my new birthday snowboard that you can see in the background.