Fancy Breakfast Friday: Diet


I’m sure no one wants to hear about the 3-day “cleanse” I did, so this is going to be a short post.  I will say that part of the cleanse included oatmeal, which I already love and I have continued eating it so I will share that recipe.

Make this the night before and refrigerate it.  On the cleanse I think I was supposed to eat it cold, which I did the first day.  But come on.  It’s January, I want a hot breakfast.

1 cup almond milk *
1/3 cup oats
1 T chia seeds
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 cup blueberries

Mix in a bowl before bed, cover, refridgerate
In the morning, microwave for 30-60 seconds.

*I have been using almond milk because I bought it for my “cleanse” but I will switch to regular milk now that I have run out.   I have been experimenting with chia, and this recipe has the best results so far.  It’s very filling and I have been able to live on this until lunch time.  I have also substituted the blueberries for cut up apple.  (I cut the apple in the morning.)  This recipe has more milk and fewer oats than what I normally make, but I like it better.

I am going to be honest and say I never sweeten my oatmeal, so if you like your oatmeal sweet, this may not be for you.  However, the enormous amount of cinnamon did make it taste sweet to me.  I did the full teaspoon during the cleanse, but have cut it in half since then.

Don’t worry, real FBF will be back next week.  I have something delicious cooking right now.


2 thoughts on “Fancy Breakfast Friday: Diet

  1. Mary Hanley

    That doesn’t sound too horrible. The fruit would sweeten it a little right? Do you use steel cut oats or regular?

    1. metamegan Post author

      I used old fashioned oats, not quick oats or steel cut. But I am going to try it with steel cut oats next. The recipe actually called for “raw oats” which I assumed was uncooked old fashioned oats.

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