Fancy Breakfast Friday: Spring Break Breakfast Casserole


This super Fancy Breakfast is actually now 2 weeks old.  Last week was April Fools! and the week before we had spring break.  We share meals with two other families and by a stroke of luck and genius, I was assigned breakfast on Friday.  The caveat was that meals should be vegetarian and gluten free if possible.  I made an egg casserole topped with mushrooms in a red wine reduction.  I decided not to go with a pastry because of my total lack of experience in gluten free baking, and at the last minute, I realized the casserole had flour in it, DUH!  So I made an omelette for the gluten free person.  I did not hand make the tater tots, I hope no one who was there is reading this, because I tried to be ambiguous about whether or not I had the deep fryer out before anyone woke up.

The casserole, like I said, had flour, 16 eggs, two cups of cottage cheese, some huge amount of mozzarella, dijon, nutmeg, salt, pepper.  What’s the recipe?  Well, there’s a long story behind it, because I need to tell the backstory about the time I rode my bike halfway around Pike’s Peak and Dave rode all the way around.  In the middle we stayed at a bed and breakfast that served this casserole.  The proprietor gave me the recipe, but I had never made it because when is it appropriate to make a casserole with 16 eggs?  And who on earth has a 15×10 pan?  Fortunately there was on in the condo!!  I made a decision not to buy a disposable dish, saving myself $5.00 but risking my ability to pull this off, but we lucked out.  Coming soon – the backstory and the recipe, assuming I brought it home from Crested Butte and put it somewhere.  In the meantime, here is a link to the B&B and I would love to stay there again.  Under different circumstances.


It was so good.  And it was good leftover the next day.  The mushroom topping was optional, but I think if you like mushrooms and red wine, you would like the topping.


Here is our view from the condo.




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    Damn! I am humbled just by the picture. I thought you didn’t like tots?

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