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Fancy Breakfast Friday: Spring Break Breakfast Casserole


This super Fancy Breakfast is actually now 2 weeks old.  Last week was April Fools! and the week before we had spring break.  We share meals with two other families and by a stroke of luck and genius, I was assigned breakfast on Friday.  The caveat was that meals should be vegetarian and gluten free if possible.  I made an egg casserole topped with mushrooms in a red wine reduction.  I decided not to go with a pastry because of my total lack of experience in gluten free baking, and at the last minute, I realized the casserole had flour in it, DUH!  So I made an omelette for the gluten free person.  I did not hand make the tater tots, I hope no one who was there is reading this, because I tried to be ambiguous about whether or not I had the deep fryer out before anyone woke up.

The casserole, like I said, had flour, 16 eggs, two cups of cottage cheese, some huge amount of mozzarella, dijon, nutmeg, salt, pepper.  What’s the recipe?  Well, there’s a long story behind it, because I need to tell the backstory about the time I rode my bike halfway around Pike’s Peak and Dave rode all the way around.  In the middle we stayed at a bed and breakfast that served this casserole.  The proprietor gave me the recipe, but I had never made it because when is it appropriate to make a casserole with 16 eggs?  And who on earth has a 15×10 pan?  Fortunately there was on in the condo!!  I made a decision not to buy a disposable dish, saving myself $5.00 but risking my ability to pull this off, but we lucked out.  Coming soon – the backstory and the recipe, assuming I brought it home from Crested Butte and put it somewhere.  In the meantime, here is a link to the B&B and I would love to stay there again.  Under different circumstances.


It was so good.  And it was good leftover the next day.  The mushroom topping was optional, but I think if you like mushrooms and red wine, you would like the topping.


Here is our view from the condo.




Fancy Breakfast Friday: French Toast Casserole

My food photography isn’t quite there, but I can’t go wrong with nature photography in my neighborhood.  Enjoy this mountain view and use your other senses to imagine french toast casserole.   This was a multi-day multi-recipe effort that turned out “OK”.   I had read a recipe for Granola Bread in The Breakfast Book that sounded amazing.  Day one was to make the unsweetened granola for the bread.  This recipe made the world’s saltiest granola.  It was unbelievable.  Dave said if we added worsteshire it would taste like chex mix “in a good way”.  I put the granola away because even though it was salty and weird, “people” were eating it out of the pan.  Step two was to make the granola bread.  It turned out OK.  Nothing to write a cookbook about.  It never browned, so I may have over cooked it.  It was sort of a beigey gray.  The first loaf was eaten quicly, with butter, as toast, and as grilled cheese.  But there was the problem of the second loaf.  I had planned to make it into french toast casserole from the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, but it seemed a little risky to use so-so bread in fancy recipe.  But then what to do with the bread?  Well, I think french toast was invented to use up old bread so I went with it.

This recipe was one that I should have read and started the night before, but I didn’t.  First you toast the bread in the oven with butter and cinnamon and sugar.  That was amazing.  Then you arrange the bread beautifully in the pan and pour the custard over it and let it sit for some long period of time.  I skipped that because I didn’t have time.  I did try to arrange it beautifully, but the bread refused.  And, I have to say, I halved the custard.  I wasn’t emotionally and intellectually committed to this recipe enough to use 6 eggs in it.  Long story short, reviews ranged from “yum” to “it was OK.”    But it was a big step forward for me because I found myself starting to make another loaf of bread for the French toast so it would be perfect and then I thought, “No, that’s crazy.”    I’m sane now, people.

Ok, here is a picture.