Fancy Breakfast Friday: Breakfast Cookies


Last Thursday night I was flipping through cookbooks looking for easy recipes that listed ingredients I already had in the house.  I found this delicious recipe for breakfast cookies in The Family Kitchen* cookbook.  This is a good cookbook to have because it’s full of useful recipes.  It also breaks things down for cooking with kids – what to have the kids do, what to do yourself.  I don’t find that advice to be super necessary at this point, but it’s useful when they are younger.  (Or for younger moms, I guess.)

This is basically an oatmeal cookie, with less butter than usual, and just egg whites.  It also calls for orange juice, which I didn’t have so I subbed pineapple juice.  Another sub I made was cranberries for raisins.  Now that I am thinking about it, it also called for prune puree, but suggested applesauce as a good substitute.  Who has prune puree?  Well, I didn’t think I had applesauce either, but then I remembered I had a go-go squeeze in the bottom of my baseball bag.  It was apple-banana, everyone’s least favorite flavor, and it was exactly the 1/4 cup I needed.  Turns out, I picked a recipe for which I did not have all the ingredients!

But they turned out to be delicious.  I served the cookies with scrambled eggs, pineapple slices, and sausage.  This plate clearly needs something red or green.


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2 thoughts on “Fancy Breakfast Friday: Breakfast Cookies

  1. Laura Breakfast Fail

    Caroline and I had toast and Audrey had Fruity Pebbles this morning. The second ingredient in Fruity Pebbles it hydrogenated oil. I better get up earlier tomorrow.

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