>The Race is On

>On my way to work today I managed to get over the really big hill without using my granny gear. Over a year ago I stopped exercising due to major first trimester fears, which were followed by second trimester heat exhaustion, followed by taking it easy to prevent pre term labor, which inevitably led to actual labor and recovery, winter weather combined with a newborn and going back to work, and then finally, laziness. But after a couple weeks of riding my bike to work occasionally, I may just be coming out of my year of sloth.

And that means the race is on. I like to race people on my way to and from work. Especially people who are all dressed up in lycra with really fancy expensive road bikes. I think my cruiser and my skirt with heels ensemble can take them. Most smart people pack a spare inner tube and a bike pump. I have a pump, but at 15 pounds it’s more likely to contribute to a flat tire than fix one.

When I pass someone going uphill on my fabulous pink bike, and the someone I pass has the look of a serious biker, then it is makes my day. Or at least I assume it would, it’s only happened once. Six years ago. And the gentleman said, “Whoa, do you have a motor on that young lady?” He was about 105 years old. But the point is, it could happen again!


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  1. Anonymous

    >Megan-I’m late catching up on your blog this week, but this just had me rolling. Really, really enjoyed reading this entry. You are hysterical. Thanks for the laugh after a long week for me.Ellie

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