>Today I had many adventures while biking the kids to daycare, then biking to work, back to the daycare, back home with the kids, down to Pearl street to meet my friend Laura, and then back home. In my mind it was 18 miles, but google maps said 15 or so. I thought about plotting my travels on gmaps pedometer and then posting a link and then I thought, why share a map to my house and the daycare with the internets? Trust me, it was 15 miles that felt like 18.

The first thing that happened was that 3 blocks from home, the trailer came part way loose and got lodged in my wheel spokes. I don’t know what I would have done if an kind, older, handsome gentleman, lazily driving to work, hadn’t stopped his car to help me. (Thanks Dave!)

Secondly, there is a serious down hill section where Luke usually gets going pretty fast. So fast that he can’t quite keep up with the pedals. Today he was really flying when he got to the sharp left turn and he slammed on the brakes, skidded out, rode it out into the grass, and then jumped off and flew through the air with an “Aaaaaaaah!” and landed 4 feet away in the grass. I could tell by the “Aaaaaaah!” that he was enjoying himself, but even so, it was risky for me to allow myself to laugh hysterically. (He tends to be quite sensitive.) But it was so funny. And I was glad that he laughed too. (And of course we were both glad that he wasn’t hurt.)