>Pear of Panties

>Today I stray briefly from the usual standard topics of babies, five year olds, work, and lactation, to the more unusual and eclectic subjects of alcohol, underwear, and magazine gluttony.

Over a year ago, I was reading a magazine and I saw an add for pear vodka. I am not sure what magazine it was, maybe InStyle, or Vanity Fair, or maybe Living, but probably not. I suspect it wasn’t in ReadyMade, or Cooking Light, and definitely not Shape. (I have a slight magazine addiction, made worse by my desire last year to exact revenge on my mailman by subscribing to heavy magazines.)

Now, I am not a flavored vodka drinker, and not easily swayed by magazine alcohol advertising. I am mostly a wine drinker; occasionally I have beer. Although there were a few years (way back) when we declared a Drink of the Summer. Such as the Summer of Corona, the Summer of Vodka (unflavored), and Dave claims we had the Summer of White Russians. The fact that I don’t remember that at all, leads me to believe it might be true.

So it was odd that over a year ago, I saw an advertisement for Pear Vodka and thought, “Yum!” But before I could put down my magazine, hop on my bike, and ride to Liquor Mart, I found out I was pregnant. Shortly thereafter, while fake drinking and pretending to have a back injury that would preclude me from mountain biking during a trip to Fruita, I was introduced to a drink called A Pear of Panties. Or maybe Pear O’ Panties. Pear a Panties? Regardless, it looked and smelled delicious. Sigh, it was not to be at that time.

Days and weeks and months past until this past weekend: pear vodka reentered my life. We had friends over for dinner, the same friends with whom I concealed my pregnancy many months before by fake drinking, yet mysteriously turning down the enticing Pear of Panties. I said, “Don’t bring anything! We have everything we need.” But my eyes lit up when I saw that green bottle.

All this is to build anticipation, what, what, you ask, what is the recipe for the Pear of Panties? Well, I don’t really know, having not been paying attention when the drinks were made, nor did I ask for details after the fact. But I do know this: Ice, Pear Vodka, 7-Up. And for a Pink Pear of Panties, add a splash of cranberry. Yum. Enjoy.


5 thoughts on “>Pear of Panties

  1. JCH

    >Megan, I believe the summer of white russians did in fact exist. If memory serves me correctly, it would have been summer of ’98. This would coincide with Big Lebowski on DVD. If not ’98, it was whenever Danielle’s wedding took place and the great partly was had by the entire family. I know that Dave and I had our share of white russians at the reception.

  2. Bill and Cindy

    >Megan, I haven’t read your blog in a week or two, so I am catching up tonight. We just got back from a week vacation in Maryland. Anywho, I would like a “pink pair of panties” please. Sounds Delish!

  3. Meta Megan

    >It was coffee I am positive. But I bet you two headed straight for the bar to order white russians after that. Yup, I bet it’s been 10 years since the summer of white russians. Happy Anniversary Danielle!

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