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>I have been working on installing a new piece of software for about a month now, on and off. I finally gave up and put in a ticket with the vendor. We went through three rounds of “actually that documentation is wrong, try this” until the issue was escalated up to the next level. A conference call was planned between Level 1 guy, Level 2 gal, and me. It started at 1 p.m. and first, Level 2 gal validated everything I had done so far. She found one error and we fixed it. Still didn’t work. Then she started instant messaging Level 3 guy and got one more suggestion. We got one step farther, but it still didn’t work. Then Level 2 gal got two co-workers to look over her shoulder and we went through the whole thing again. No good. So by the end of the 2.5 hour call, it was me, Level 1 guy, Level 2 gal, Level 3 guy on IM, and Level 2 gal’s co-worker 1, and co-worker 2 on the call. (And I could hear some of them looking for answers on google.) Oh, and Jack. Did I mention I was working from home and that Jack was also participating in the call? During this call I nursed Jack, burped him, put him down to play, where he screamed happily and then unhappily, then I put him in the sling and set my laptop on the counter so I could stand, sway, and work. Then I put him down for a nap. When he woke up, I changed his diaper and fed him again. He played with books in my lap. All the while I was troubleshooting this problem, and if Jack had been silent I don’t think anyone would have even known. Of course, we was very vocal. And there was one point where I had to put him down so I could type with two hands and he screamed. SCREAMED. Level 2 gal begged me to pick him back up. I am a fast one-handed typer, but sometimes I need to be twice as fast. I picked him up and he was fine.

I wish the problem was solved, but this was just a necessary step on the way to solving the problem. A long, 2.5 hour, headset-less, one handed, baby-holding phone call. And usually I don’t get anything done when Jack is being fussy!

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  1. Laura M

    >ain’t it a real crying shame that you don’t get extra credit for that? you darn well should! But doesn’t it feel good to know that you still get more done under those combat conditions than some of the dinosaurs out there can get done in the peace and quiet of their dusty offices?

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