>What a Day for A Bike Ride

>On Saturday we rode our bikes to the Farmers Market. Dave had Luke attached to his bike on the tagalong, and attached to the tagalong, was the trailer, with the baby seat strapped inside. If only we had a tandem, then we could have really been a spectacle. Or maybe, in some other town, we could have been a spectacle. But at the Farmer’s Market we saw some crazier stuff. There was a couple in matching bike outfits, on matching recumbent tricycles. The man was flying a Colorado state flag. The woman was wearing some sort of desert storm hat/veil that completely covered her face. If she was worried about sun exposure, why was she wearing a sleeveless shirt? Are bugs a problem? Get a windshield for your trike! Maybe she was just trying to look mysterious, which totally worked if mysterious means really weird. Also, she had a tiny dog on her lap, and the dog was wearing a tiny pair of sunglasses. I have to admit that I stared, which I know is rude. But I didn’t take a picture, which I now regret.

On the way home, it finally occurred to me that the Dave, Luke, Jack train was a good enough spectacle to warrant a picture on my camera phone, but when we stopped at an intersection, I took a picture of a guy on a unicycle instead.

(You can see the corner of the trailer, and Luke’s arm on the right side of the picture.)


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  1. Anonymous

    >Would like to see a picture of the ‘train’ with Dave and his single speed bike. Hopefully, everything is downhill. He probably has a loop figured out where he never rides uphill, I want him to map my rides.Paul

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