>Too Much TV


Between 2 episodes of Deadwood and the 2 hour season finale of American Idol*, I don’t really have time for the latest dummening story. But tomorrow is another day. Please enjoy the picture. Jack is smiling (grimacing) because I am training him to be a ham for the camera, but he really didn’t enjoy the peas at first.

*Don’t worry – I watched the American Idol finale on triple fast forward. It took 120 minutes down to less than 5. Before I could remember an A or B or C list star’s name, their song was over, and I didn’t have to listen to it. I just wanted to see who won, and who cried, and who looked surprised. About 1 second after the announcement, as the hugging commenced, the recording stopped. If there was 2 more seconds of banter before the results were announced, I wouldn’t have seen it! This would have been the worst Tivo tragedy since the Broncos won in overtime that bittersweet afternoon last fall.